Abandoned dog who had given up hope has the sweetest reaction when she is finally rescued

Some of Suzette Hall’s rescues turn out to be easier than expected – like when a stray puppy follows her to her car without objection. The hardest ones, however, consist of multiple failed attempts and many sleepless nights. Worth – a small white dog who waited five weeks to be rescued – is one such case.

“I was there day and night for so many days in a row,” Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy Rescue, told The Dodo.

Worth had already spent three weeks alone before Hall’s arrival. A Good Samaritan saw the little dog wandering around an industrial area in Los Angeles and called the veteran rescuer for help.

Hall arrived quickly and deployed all of his usual rescue tactics.

“I’ve tried traps, I’ve tried food, I’ve tried everything,” Hall said. “But nothing would work because the people working there would kick her out.”

Hall took the pup to a fenced-in truck yard. She was about to slip a leash over the dog’s head when someone on the property opened the door, allowing the dog to escape.

It was the last time Hall saw Worth in this area.

“I would go back to it every day hoping she would come back, but she never did,” Hall said. “I thought she was gone for sure.”

Two weeks passed with no sign of the wayward pup. Then one night Hall received a message from a follower about a small dog. To Hall’s surprise, it was the same little dog she was looking for.

Hall jumped into his car and drove to the field where the dog was last seen. After searching for a while, something appeared in the distance.

“I looked, and it was her,” Hall said. “I couldn’t believe it was her. It was unreal.

The dog’s hair was longer than Hall remembered and she was covered in pigtails.

With the help of a local security guard, Hall took the dog into his car for safety. Worth settled in, happily taking the front seat, where she smiled for the first time in weeks.

“I called her Worth because that’s the name of the street she was on,” Hall said. “And because she was worth it.”

Worth is currently in foster care, but Hall already has an awesome adopter for her. Soon she will be in a loving forever home, as if those five weeks never happened.

“She was probably the toughest rescue I’ve ever done,” Hall said. “But she was then worth every minute.

To help puppies like Worth get the help they need, donate to Camino Pet Hospital under “Logan’s Legacy 29.”