Abused rescue dog in Hoarder House draws viral attention with ‘llama neck’

A dog with an unusually long neck has won hearts online this week after photos of the pup went viral on social media.

Our canine friends are a big part of the online world, from adorable pet moments captured on film to owners’ inventive tricks to caring for animals – and human fascination with the quirks of dogs has only grown over the years. the COVID pandemic when many people acquired dogs.

In the United States, approximately 70% of households report owning at least one pet, the most popular of which is a dog with 69 million households reporting having at least one canine family member.

Photos of Badger the dog showing off his extra long neck which his owners have dubbed a “llama neck”.
Rachel Clemer

From crossbreed rescues to purebred pooches, it’s hard to find two dogs that look alike. A dog’s unusual appearance drew attention online after Redditor u/Chromatic_mediant shared photos on popular forum r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog.

With more than 26,000 upvotes, the post read, “That’s my dog ​​Badger, she has a llama neck,” alongside photos of the adorable dog.

Badger lives in southern Arizona with owners Rachel Clemmer and her partner Nathalie. Just over two years old, her breed is undetermined, but a recent dog DNA test revealed she was primarily Chow Chow with some Chihuahua, Rottweiler and a host of other mixed breeds including a hint of Coyote .

Its long neck immediately attracted the attention of its owner. Clemmer said Newsweek: “It became easily noticeable after putting a collar on her. We were surprised that she was not part whippet or part greyhound. We thought she was a puppy and would grow in her features, but she is actually its normal size and just has goofy proportions.”

“She’s like a big otter,” shared one commenter, “Love her,” while another Reddit user said, “You should put 12 collars on her.”

Another reply said, “Love it, it’s quite elegant,” and one commenter wrote, “That’s quite an elegant neck she’s got there.”

Badger lived with her owners for about a year after being adopted from their local shelter.

“She was brought in with 26 other dogs as part of a hoarding case,” Clemmer said, “They were neglected and abused, and Badger has multiple abuse injuries. stunted due to a head injury, she has four BBs embedded in her body and will eventually need a hip replacement, likely due to a kick.”

When she first arrived home, her loving new owners had to give her a bath because of the dirt completely embedded in her coat, when they noticed she had bald spots all over her body. because of stress.

“We are happy to report that she is now well fed and loved,” Clemmer said: “[She] has a healthy, shiny coat and receives monthly injections for his hip.”

Badger’s goofy and cheerful personality has delighted his new owners, and his “llama neck” is just an added bonus. “She spent her first few weeks with us being very reserved and scared. The llama’s neck was retracted and her tail was down,” Clemmer recalls: “She quickly warmed up to us and brought along her canine older brother Traveler , and is now the happiest dog we know.”

Always curious, Badger likes to make new friends, howls to the sound of music and literally jumps for joy at dinnertime.

After going viral on Reddit, his newfound internet fame delighted his owners: “Anyone who knows us knows we’re completely obsessed with Badger,” Clemmer said: “It’s wonderful to see other people love too.”

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