After learning that her ‘favorite’ patient’s dog was taken to the pound, an amazing nurse adopts her

Registered nurse Jennifer Smith, 41, befriended John Burley, 60, at the adult daycare program at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Rome, New York, before he was transferred from the establishment.

While in Smith’s care for pneumonia and a lung condition, he often showed her pictures of his dog, Boomer, whom he adopted 12 years ago.

Burley was then moved to the rehabilitation wing of the hospital, leaving no one to care for Boomer, so he had the dog taken to the pound. Burley had moved to New York from Arkansas, where his family lived, and he had no one to take care of Boomer.

Smith heard the news from Burley on an early morning call.

“I got to work the Monday after Thanksgiving and the phone rang at 7 a.m.,” Smith told CNN. “John was calling from his hospital room saying, ‘Boomer is in the pound! Boomer is in the pound!’ Boomer is John’s world.”

The problem was that Smith had no idea where Boomer had been taken. She searched for local facilities, made a few calls, and learned that he had been taken to the Rome Humane Society.

“I was a little freaked out because I didn’t know how long he had been at the shelter or if he had already been adopted by another family. It’s Christmas and people are getting animals,” he said. she stated.

Smith wasted no time in getting the dog back.

The nurse located Boomer in a large cage at the back of the shelter and asked if she could adopt him there. He wasn’t ready to leave the shelter just yet, but she got a guarantee that she could adopt him and then called Burley, one of her favorite patients, to tell him the good news.

“She went straight to the Rome Humane Society that day and paid the adoption fees, took him to the vet and went on a shopping spree for food, crate, toys and clothes. for dogs. He’s very spoiled,” Kimberleigh Hare of The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing in Rome told Newsweek.

Shortly after bringing Boomer home, she began bringing the dog to the facility to see Burley, who can now spend time with his beloved dog several times a day. “It helps John in the healing process and gives him peace of mind,” Smith said.

The other residents of the hospital also enjoy spending time with Boomer.

“I can understand why John loves his dog so much,” Smith told Spectrum News. “Boomer is fantastic. I walk the halls with him on the wings and all the residents who are in the hallway, they smile instantly. I let each of them pet Boomer.

Although no one knows when Burley will return home, Smith has promised to take care of the dog for as long as needed. “I promised John to take care of Boomer. I will take care of him as long as he needs me. John knows it. Right now the focus is on getting John better and taking it one day at a time,” she told CNN.

Although Burley struggles to speak, he only needs three words to describe how he feels about Smith: “I love Jennifer.”

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