All woke up: Now dog names are racist

Empowering Wisconsin | July 29, 2022

Watch out, Fido! Watch out, Spot! In Wokeland, dog names are now racist.

As Campus Reform reports, a study in the Social Psychology Quarterly claims that dogs with “white” names are adopted faster than pooches with “black” names.

The correlations were largely tied to pit bulls, “a stereotypical breed as dangerous and racialized as black people,” according to the study. The “research” is titled “When a Name Gives You a Break: Racialized Names and Adoption Times at a County Dog Shelter.”

The awakened academic brokers sprang from the study.

“Anti-blackness is so pervasive it even extends to dog names,” wrote Chantal Hailey, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Texas-Austin, in a now-deleted tweet obtained by Campus Reform.

Hailey, of course, leads research “at the intersections of race and ethnicity, stratification, urban sociology, education and criminology”.

“WHY IS IT EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE? tweeted Timothy Welbeck, director of the Center for Anti-Racism Research at Temple University, referring to the study. He answered his own question because, for the painfully awake, there is only one answer.

“Because it’s all about race…”

welbeck said Campus Reform that “something as seemingly (sic) innocuous as adopting a dog can have lasting racial implications”.

It’s all about race because the radical left is all about race.

But it’s hard to teach these old dogs new tricks.

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