An Iconic Hungarian Dog Breed Could Be Threatened With Extinction

The Komondor, one of the best known of the nine Hungarian dog species recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), could face difficulties and the breed could even disappear completely.

Due to the modernization of the agrarian sector and the changing lifestyles of the Hungarians, as well as the disappearance of the family culture, the Komondor, mainly used for breeding and keeping livestock, has lost its reason for be, Anita Anda-Marócsek, an informed Komondor breeder infostart.

The Komondor is one of the oldest Hungarian dog breeds of Asian origin. The breed presumably arrived in the Carpathian Basin alongside migrating Old Magyars around the time of the Hungarian conquest.

It is generally a large, white-colored breed and its most unique feature is its coat; its sturdy body is covered in long matted, corded fur. In terms of temperament, they are mostly calm and have natural guarding instincts, fearlessly defending their owner’s flock or home.

In 2004, along with several other protected native animal species, the Hungarian Parliament declared the Komondor a national treasure. In 2017 the Collection of Hungaricums was expanded with the Hungarian Shepherd, a number of hunting dog breeds as well as the Komondor.

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Anita Anda-Marócsek, the owner of the Kennel Andaházi Tanyák Őre Komondor, and breeder of this ancient Hungarian breed says the Komondor is one of the most adaptive dog breeds. Whereas previously its main role was to guard the farm and its animals, they are now perfectly suited to guarding the dwellings of their owners.

Interestingly, the Komondor respects each member of the family and admires each of them, they are also very compatible with children, said the breeder.

She also added that while popular belief is that their coats are high maintenance, that simply isn’t true. However, keeping this breed in an apartment is not recommended.

As they are not as energetic as the Border Collie, for example, they can be perfectly happy in gardens of around 7-800m2writing Agrarszektor.

Not to mention that the Komondor is a very healthy breed, rarely requiring checks at the veterinarian apart from the annual compulsory vaccinations for the prevention of rabies.

Anita Anda-Marócsek, breeder of the iconic Komondor, points out that the breed is in danger and will only survive the next 20 years if more people become familiar with the breed and demand increases.

Otherwise, it is possible that in the future people will only see the Komondor in animated Hungarian folk tales.

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