Animal Behavior College is accepting applications for its next in-person dog obedience instructor training program

ABC Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program

Seth Hutson, instructor for ABC’s in-person dog obedience instructor training program

Check out the next course in their program starting October 3!

VALENCIA, CA, USA, Aug. 26, 2022 / — Today on their Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter pages, Animal Behavior College (ABC) posted an announcement accepting new registrations for their in-person classes Canine Obedience Instructor Training Program starting October 3.

ABC’s on-site, in-person Canine Obedience Instructor Training Program is a five-month dog training course held at their campus in Santa Clarita, California. Students taking the course will learn in an individual, fully immersive, in-person classroom environment. They will work with dogs at a local animal shelter and apply their dog training skills in a hands-on, real-life setting. ABC also offers an online option of this course, but with the in-person classroom, students can work with dogs within days of starting the course. In contrast, the online option works with dogs later in the program during a clinic, just before taking their final exam.

Many online dog training schools can take around a year, but because the in-person dog training course is fully immersive and students can interact with their instructor, other students, and physically work with dogs, students are accelerated on their educational path to certify in 5 months. Students in the program will study everything from canine behavior and canine body language to effective behavioral problem solving. Knowing that many students are looking to kick-start their careers or even change career directions mid-life, ABC includes public speaking and business building courses in its curriculum designed to help students get started. their career as dog trainers after graduation. The course teaches LIMA-compliant (less invasive, minimally aversive) training techniques and emphasizes the need to understand the motivations behind a dog’s behavioral problems. Students will receive a CPR and Pet First Aid certificate valid for 2 years in addition to their Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer certification, which never expires.

For more than 17 years, ABC’s “Students Save Lives” campaign has been an integral part of dog training. ABC’s dog training students will train and socialize dogs at local animal shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations, increasing the dog’s chances of being adopted. This rewarding part of the program will help students put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice and change the lives of many dogs forever.

Seth Hutson, an instructor for ABC’s Classroom Canine Obedience Instructor Training program, has extensive experience working with dogs. He has 22 years of combined law enforcement and Army/National Guard service where he helped the K-9 unit train their military police dogs. Additionally, he owns and operates the dog training company Pawsitively Great Dog Training, located in the Santa Clarita Valley, where he helps dogs in need. Mr. Hutson is a great addition to the success of ABC’s Canine Obedience Instructor Training Program.

With the upcoming class, ABC is now offering additional benefits for enrollment. These elements have been put in place to make the student’s time in the program even more enjoyable while in California. New benefits offered include:

– Six Flags Magic Mountain Season Pass

– a gift card to a local restaurant

-Gift card for transportation

– Discounted living arrangements

– Guest speakers – learn how to start a business!

-Free short term program and future discounts

The Dog Obedience Instructor Training Program is open to everyone. ABC encourages anyone interested in the program to view more information about their course, including tuition payment plans available at

The next class session begins October 3, 2022, but ABC offers two terms of classes per year, so if you can’t join in the fall, consider enrolling in the spring 2023 session. Animal Behavior College is looking forward to meet his future students and help them pursue their careers working with animals.

For more information about Animal Behavior College and other programs offered, visit, the official ABC Facebook, ABC Instagram, ABC Tik Tok, or ABC Twitter profiles, or contact them at 800-795- 3294.

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