Best piece inspired by a dog? And Tamadoge?

Self-proclaimed as the “leader of the meme token community”, Captain Inu is one of the newest additions to the Ethereum blockchain and crypto market.

Captain Inu’s main goal is to prevent merchants from being scammed by fraudulent Metaverse tokens and provide them with an innovative coin with long-term value.

But, how realistic is it for Captain Inu to bring huge profits to early investors and can he match the potential of the emerging coin giant – Tamadoge?

Let’s go through the details and find out.

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Captain Inu Coin Prediction 2022-2025

Before we get into the details of this project, let’s take a look at the Captain Inu coin prediction chart for some basic information.

Year Price
2022 $0.00000000102
2023 $0.00000000146
2024 $0.00000000195
2025 $0.00000000232

At the time of writing, the price per Captain Inu token stands at $0.000000000775 and has declined by 3.28% in the last 24 hours.

Captain Inu has a few strengths, the main advantage being maximum transparency and excellent communication.

While this alone is not enough to bring huge returns, it does indicate that Captain Inu could hit the $0.000000001 mark by the end of 2022.

The idea behind the project is quite innovative, but it needs a lot more features and use cases to be considered a worthy contender in the competitive meme parts market.

As it stands, crypto analysts don’t think 2023-2024 will be much different from 2022 price-wise. In a best-case scenario, Captain Inu could reach a price of $0.000000002 per token by the end of 2024.

If the developers update the token’s features and come up with new use cases, 2025 can potentially be its best year.

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How to find Tamadoge

Even though Captain Inu has some potential to provide some solid returns, it’s nothing compared to the milestones Tamadoge has reached in recent weeks.

Tamadoge is a meme cryptocurrency that combines P2E, NFT and Metaverse technologies and it is one of the latest additions to the doge-based meme token pool.

However, Tamadoge doesn’t just include a cute dog image – it comes with real utility and unique features.

The founders built the project’s own Metaverse (Tamaverse) and inside it, players can fight in the battle arena, communicate with each other, create NFTs, and more.

Due to its usefulness in the real world and the impressive combination of Metaverse and NFT technology, investors are lining up like crazy to get their hands on TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge was inspired by the famous 90s digital pet game called Tamagochi and the gameplay between these two is quite similar – train pets and prepare them for battle.

Each Tama pet is a unique NFT that can be traded, upgraded, and battered by players.

Tamadoge’s native governance token is the TAMA Token and it also serves as the primary in-game currency for transactions and rewards.

Interestingly, there are no transaction fees imposed on TAMA transactions, which is extremely rare these days when it comes to meme coins.

As we said, in the Tamaverse the main objective is to breed pets and prepare them for battle against other players.

Those who top the leaderboard each month receive in-game Dogepool TAMA prizes.

Tamadoge has been KYC by CoinSniper and audited by for smart contracts, meaning there is no “carpet pulling” danger associated with the project.

With $2 million raised, the beta sale of TAMA tokens officially ended about a week ago, but the pre-sale is still ongoing.

The presale will last until September and the price of TAMA tokens increases with each passing stage, so don’t stay on the offer too long.

Investors can buy a minimum of 1,000 TAMA tokens and those who own them by the end of the presale can also participate in the $100,000 crypto giveaway.

Given the hype around Tamadoge and its incredible potential to fetch huge sums of money for early investors, it’s no surprise that so many pundits are calling it the “next best coin”.

How to buy Tamadoge

Here is the exact guide you can follow for your first TAMA token purchase.


To get started, make sure you have a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use one of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect (we recommend Trust Wallet).

Shopping on a desktop browser will give you a smoother shopping experience. For this, we recommend MetaMask.

If you’re shopping on mobile, we recommend using Trust Wallet and logging in via the built-in browser (just copy in the Trust Wallet browser).


Once your preferred wallet provider is ready, click on “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, you will need to select “Wallet Connect”.

You will then have three options: Buy ETH with card. This option will allow you to buy ETH which will be sent to your wallet by our partner Transak.

You can then use this ETH to buy TAMA. Click “Buy Eth with Card” to begin and follow the on-screen steps. We recommend buying a minimum of $15 worth of ETH to cover the minimum purchase of TAMA. Buy TAMA with ETH.

Once you have enough ETH in your wallet (if you don’t have ETH or USDT, please select option 1 to buy ETH first), you can now trade your ETH against Tama. Type in the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1,000) then click “Convert Eth”.

Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also tell you the gas cost. Buy TAMA with USDT. Make sure you have at least 15 USDT in your wallet before starting the transaction.

Type in the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1,000). Click “Convert USDT”. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Please make sure to follow the two approval steps in order to finalize the transaction.


Once the presale is over, you will be able to claim your TAMA tokens. We’ll post details closer to the time, but you’ll need to visit the main site and click the gold “Claim” button.

Tamadoge Contract

Use the contract information below to add the TAMA token to your wallet.

Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8

Decimals: 18

Token symbol: TAMA

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Learn more about Captain Inu Coin

Captain Inu is a meme cryptocurrency that allows users to create a self-powered ecosystem using Metaverse technology.

One of the unique features of Captain Inu is that it provides educational resources in the form of comics and blogs for traders who want to learn more about blockchain technology.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the main goal of this project is to prevent merchants from being scammed by fraudulent Metaverse cryptos.

The founders have also received positive feedback from the community for their charity work and donations to dog shelters.

Additionally, they find trust and transparent communication to be the main pillars of the project, and this is one of the main reasons why they have such a loyal community.

Captain Inu provides gaming opportunities and aims to build a P2P battle arena and provide users with open world exploration.

The token was created on the Ethereum blockchain and there is no official presale for Captain Inu coins.

Another goal of Captain Inu is to create a chain interaction system and provide players with unique NFT game items.

In the coming months, we can also expect a 3D gallery where Captain Inu NFT owners can display their artwork.

Overall, Captain Inu seems to offer some great features, but we’ve yet to see how they turn out and if the hype surrounding it lives up to its potential.

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Captain Inu vs. Tamadoge – Which is the better alternative

There’s no doubt that Captain Inu has a lot to contribute to the meme community, but so far the results haven’t been very spectacular.

The features are still far from fully developed and there is very little hype around the project on social media and other outlets.

Even though the roadmap looks good, we have yet to see any real long-term potential from the project.

On the other hand, Tamadoge has taken the industry by storm and it has one of the most popular pre-sales right now.

Despite the bear market and overall high levels of volatility, the past few weeks for Tamadoge have been nothing short of remarkable.

In less than a month, over $2 million worth of TAMA parts were sold, which concluded the beta sale.

What is even more impressive is that the meme coin has not even gone viral yet, but it has already caught the attention of all traders in the community.

Currently, Tamadoge has much greater long-term value potential than Captain Inu and is even expected to bring 100x returns by the end of 2022.

With P2E elements, Metaverse, and NFT technology combined in one project, it might even overtake Dogecoin and Shiba Inu as the top meme coin in the coming months.

Additionally, the founders announced that they expect Tamadoge to be listed on multiple CEXs once it goes viral.

So, if you are wondering what is the best alternative between Captain Inu and Tamadoge, all the details point to the latter.

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The verdict

Captain Inu is a new dog-themed meme coin that incorporates Metaverse technology and aims to minimize the number of crypto scams in the market.

But, as promising as this new coin looks, crypto analysts do not believe it will bring huge returns by the end of 2022.

Instead, they recommend Tamadoge as the best investment in 2022.

With the pre-sale of TAMA tokens ending soon, there is not much time left to join the early investor club.