Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR) Adoptable Animals – May 26, 2022 | Lifestyles


Murphy is 5.5 years old and does well with dogs his size or larger. She loves people and interacts with children of all ages. She might need help with her leash manners, but otherwise she is a very sweet and affectionate dog. Murphy picked up kennel skills quickly in his foster home and is trusted to roam freely (as long as your bin isn’t accessible!).

Adoptable Juniper Dog


Juniper – A PACK graduate! Juniper patiently waits for her forever home, but she doesn’t know what is taking so long. She graduated from our PACK program with high marks and is ready to learn more! Juniper is a ball dog and LOVES to play fetch. She has lots of energy and would do best in an active household. Juniper is almost 3 years old, gets along well with dogs, but should not live with cats.

Callie Adoptable Dog


Callie is a very confident dog who has just completed our PACK program. All the situations she encountered in prison, she takes them like a champion, and nothing seems to bother her. She likes to play with other dogs, but is a bit rude and likes to grab other dogs’ collars or necks. She corrects with verbal correction or spray. Callie LOVES snuggling up with her people. She will sometimes seek attention and push you for more love. Another great thing about Callie? She seems to be okay with cats! She was living with them in her foster family.

Adoptable squash dog

To crush

To crush is a very fun dog who loves people and likes to get attention. One of his favorite activities is walking and running. He also enjoys exploring new places and investigating all new smells. Squash really likes to play tug of war and will be happy to show you how strong he is. He gets along well with other dogs and shares toys well with female dogs. He may have trouble with male dogs from time to time, so a female dog sister will suit him best. If you don’t have another dog, no worries! He also knows how to have fun with toys.

Kona Adoptable Dog


Kona very excited to meet new people! She squirms from head to toe when you meet her, which appeals to everyone she’s met. Maybe it’s his superpower! Kona loves people of all ages. She was around children and got along well with them. She didn’t live with another dog in her house, but had occasional dog friends to play with. She really enjoys playing with dogs her size or larger and will probably do well with proper introductions (which we need before adoption anyway!). Since Kona has never lived with another dog before, she would do just as well as a single dog with the occasional doggie friend.

Rosie Adoptable Dog


Pink is a character that makes us laugh and smile! She is still young and acts like a mischievous puppy. She likes to play with her toys and her bones. She is so loving and sweet, and really knows how to show you that you are loved! She is friendly with other dogs too. She plays great with them but is also willing to settle down and take a nap with you too. She’ll even sit on your lap if you let her.