Breeder motivated by dog ​​abuse case in Nye County decides to build makeshift shelter for breed

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Nye County animal abuse case involving 300 dogs is something that has gone unseen and a Vermont-based Caucasian Shepherd breeder is trying to do what he can to help.

FOX5 spoke with Timothy Marschke in August and he said that since his interview he had received calls from several people asking for advice on this breed. He said he was now taking a break from breeding and wanted to create a refuge for this specific breed.

Marschke said he wanted to do what he could because he had a special way of working with this unique and special breed. He created a GoFundMe page to raise money to build a shelter in his backyard, living on seven acres in a small town in Vermont.

“I would like to create four more spaces and then he will go upstairs and then go upstairs to a retro upstairs area that will suit three more, it takes time and patience and allows dogs to relax, learn daily routines and be comfortable,” Marschke said.

Marschke has spent years learning more about the Caucasian Shepherd, which is the breed in the Nye County dog ​​abuse case in the Amargosa Valley. Marschke said he hopes to visit Las Vegas once the dogs are ready for adoption so he can help with temperament and enrichment.

As for the court date for the duo at the center of the case, it is set for September 29.