Charlotte Dog Shelter at full capacity, pleads for community help | WFAE 90.7

A year after the pandemic puppy boom, Charlotte’s animal shelter is full and Animal Care & Control is asking the community to help alleviate the problem by adopting, adopting or bringing dogs home for a “staycation “.

“The situation quickly became urgent,” Josh Fisher, director of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Animal Care and Control Division, said Thursday in a news release.

Courtesy Animal Care and Control


A graph shows how many Charlotte’s Animal Care & Control dogs have been given up by owners, compared to the number of adoptions, over the past three years.

Generally, shelters are more crowded during the summer months, Fisher added. But on Thursday, AC&C reached a point where all of its kennels were full.

Most of the dogs are strays, rather than surrendered by their owner, spokeswoman Melissa Knicely said. Since July 1, 53% of animals entering the shelter are stray dogs.

Also, there are more kittens than a year ago, Knicely said.

The Charlotte community can help by 1. adopting a dog, 2. adopting a dog to free up space in the shelter for animals that need special care or management, or 3. offering a ” staycation” for a dog by bringing a dog home for up to five days to give them a break from the shelter environment.

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