Decision time on the dog exercise area next to one of Lancashire’s busiest roads

South Ribble Borough Council planning officers have recommended Release The Dogs Ltd be permitted to operate on land forming part of the strategic Cuerden site to the east of Stanfield Lane for the next five years.

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Work has already been completed and use is ongoing, although permission to operate the business has not been properly applied for.

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Photo Neil Cross; The dog exercise ground at Lostock Hall

How does it look?

The two fields in question were kept in their division, with a fence around each.

The existing access from Old School Lane, Lostock Hall, serves as the access to the site, with a parking area along the north of the site, each field having a wooden shelter, access gates and dog bins

Who says what?

Photo Neil Cross; The dog exercise ground at Lostock Hall

Seventeen neighboring properties were consulted, with three favorable and three unfavorable comments.

– The development would have a negative impact on the local road network.

– The application would lead to the loss of living hedges.

– Development adversely impacts neighboring amenities due to noise and loss of privacy.

• Dogs escaped from the field and killed animals.

Farington Parish Council also objected on a number of grounds, including light pollution, noise pollution, inadequate fencing, impact of traffic on a single lane at calm access and concerns about impact on biodiversity with bats, owls, hawks. , rabbits and foxes inhabiting the area.

But Lancashire County Council’s Highways Department has no objection, and neither does South Ribble Environmental Health, as long as only eight dogs are allowed in each area and hours are limited.

What is the recommendation to advisors?

Planning officer Daniel Power wrote: “It is considered that the proposal would not preclude future use of the site in accordance with its designation.

“The ancillary structures and amenities on the site would not cause significant damage to the character of the area, for the temporary period of the development.

“The change in use of the site would not result in significant damage to the amenity of neighboring properties or to the local road network.”

A final decision will be made on Thursday July 28.