Desperate Dog Gives Birth To Puppies In Dirt, Then Her Stomach Starts Hurting

When Lexus gave birth, she had nowhere to go. She crawled around a dilapidated yard and cried all night giving birth to her puppies. A family noticed Lexus and contacted “Hope for the paws.”

Source of image/story: Hope For Paws – YouTube Video

When rescuers arrived in the garden and shone a light on Lexus, she got scared and ran away. The neighbors, on the other hand, have joined hands to ensure that Lexus remains within acceptable limits. Time is running out, so rescuers rushed to where she gave birth as soon as possible.

Dog rescuers were devastated when they came out to the pile of puppies in the floor. One of them was already dead, but the others were barely holding on. When humanitarians informed Lexus that one of her puppies had perished, she was overcome with grief. However, she eventually realized that humans were there to help her and her remaining puppies.

Source of image/story: Hope For Paws – YouTube Video

When the devastated mother dog transported Lexus to the shelter, she was nursing her remaining puppies when she felt a painful stab wound to her stomach. An x-ray revealed that Lexus had swallowed a metal bottle cap. The poor girl looked for food in the garbage cans and ate everything she saw so as not to starve.

Lexus was unable to have surgery because she was still nursing her puppies. Rescuers eventually forced her to vomit and helped her remove all the waste from her stomach. She felt much better after that!

Source of image/story: Hope For Paws – YouTube Video

It’s wonderful to see Lexus and his puppies in this clip at the end!

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