Dog abandoned at shelter because owners thought he was gay

A North Carolina dog was thrown into a shelter by his owners – because they thought he was ‘gay’.

In a report from WCCB News, a Stanly County animal shelter took to Facebook to share the story of Fezco, the adorable dog in question.

The pup, which was described by the shelter as between four and five years old, was abandoned by its owners after seeing it rubbing against another male dog.

According to PetMD, dogs bump or express “mounting behavior” when excitable, such as playing or meeting another dog. They also “mount” when trying to convey their social status or dominance to another dog. The post urged local rescues to step in and foster Fezco before he is adopted into a loving new home.

Rescuers say he is friendly and loves people and other animals.

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Netizens were furious at the owners’ lack of compassion and ignorance.

“Where do I start? I really think this could be a blessing in disguise. Fezco needs humans who know a lot more about dog behavior,” one wrote on Facebook.

Another added: “Just when I thought people couldn’t get any dumber…I see that. Fezco if I could I would jump in my car and drive all the way to North Carolina to pick you up, I would. I’ve always wanted a ‘gay dog’. I’m actually glad your ignorant owners gave you back. Now you’re about to be adopted and live your BEST life in a loving home! !”

A third said: “We just have to start over. Earth is a trailer park.”

Someone else on Reddit flatly said, “Some people don’t deserve dogs. Doggo dodged a bullet. He’s better off with someone else who can appreciate 100% selfless, unconditional love. ‘a dog.”

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