Dog abandoned by its owner because it is “homosexual”

In one of the most ridiculous examples of homophobia clouding someone’s judgment, a dog owner turned his dog over to Stanly County Animal Humane Services in North Carolina after claiming he was ” gay”.

According to WCCB-TVthe owners saw Fezco hitting another male dog so they dumped him because of his sexuality.

Fezco is a brown and black Rottweiler-like dog that appears to be between 4 and 5 years old and weighs around 50 pounds. The shelter says he is friendly with people and other animals. He has not commented on his sexual orientation.

It’s weird that anyone cares about their dog’s sexual orientation unless they’re a breeder. But if the dog hit another dog, it probably didn’t have much to do with sex anyway.

Young dogs that have not been spayed or neutered may hump other dogs, objects, or paws as a way of training when seeking sexual maturity. In many cases, dogs of any age will bump into another dog to show dominance or during play.

“Often you will see one dog mounting another, then a few minutes later it will turn off and the other dog will mount the first dog,” Gary Landsberg, DVM, veterinary behaviorist in Ontario, Canada, told WebMD’s Fetch. “It’s a common game move.

“It’s a play behavior that dogs engage in because no one told them it wasn’t okay,” Landsberg added. “It can become enjoyable or part of the dog’s normal day, so he keeps doing it. It’s the same as jumping up or barking at the door.

People shouldn’t worry about their dog’s behavior unless it becomes a habit.

“The topic draws giggles and giggles, but it’s a very real topic for some people,” said David S. Spiegel, VMD. “Some dogs can get very compulsive about the behavior.”

But if the dog had homosexual tendencies, that wouldn’t be unusual.

According to American Scientist, homosexuality is quite common in the animal kingdom. In fact, same-sex sexual behavior, which includes mounting, courting, and genital licking, has been reported in more than 1,500 animal species, from primates to nematode worms.

At first glance, it seems that homosexuality would go against the fundamental principles of evolution and natural selection. Why would nature favor a trait that would make a species less likely to reproduce?

Scientific American researchers posit that some ancestral animal species may have mated regardless of gender. They still had to develop the faculties necessary to detect sexual differences so that they would engage with whatever they could.

The shelter has issued a call for people to adopt or encourage Fezco and, according to TMZ, people lined up to give the dog a homophobia-free forever home. Upworthy contacted the shelter for an update on Fezco’s status and has yet to receive a response.

While it’s sad that Fezco had to deal with the trauma of being abandoned by its owners, maybe it’s for the best. Anyone who abandons their dog because they display homosexual behaviors or because they misunderstand basic behavior probably shouldn’t be trusted to care for a pet anyway.

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