Dog shelter gives harsh response to woman’s adoption request

Woman left ‘speechless’ after trying to adopt rescue doghaving been Recount his lifestyle was too “active” for the pooch.

twitter user Alice Gray (@AliceJaneGray) shared screenshots of her E-mail exchange with an unnamed pet adoption facility, writing: “I applied for a dog today. This is the story in four parts. I am actually speechless.

Alice had reached out to register his interest in a medium height, mixed race dog called Angel, writing, “She’s gorgeous! Please let me know what the process is.”

She then shared some information about herself, referring to herself as an “active 29 years professional, working from home full time.

Alice wrote: “I’m looking for a young dog as a companion and to start a family. I would like an active dog who likes to run and hike with me, and lots of cuddles and affection.”

She then asked for any additional information that might be needed in order to “start the conversation about potential adoption.”

However, the response Alice received may not have been quite what she expected, with a straightforward answer simply reading: “If you read Angel the description he is a calm puppy who loves cuddles.

It is not at all suitable for activity, running and hiking.

Not wanting to be shut down, Alice tried to fight her corner – having assumed that the shelter must be worried that Angel is too young for her.

Dog stock image. Credit: PA

Saying she found it ‘a pity’ that she wasn’t taken into account, she replied: ‘As she is so Young I obviously wouldn’t have started it with much activity until she was older.

“But I’m hoping for a mate who can do that, who can grow with me and do those things in the future.”

But there were still no dice, with a final response from the shelter office saying the dog would have just “hated” being with Alice.

The email said: “It’s nothing [to] do with his age. She would have hated that.

We have a duty to take care of your dogs to ensure they end up in the right home for them.

Credit: Twitter/@AliceJaneGray
Credit: Twitter/@AliceJaneGray

The bizarre conversation has since racked up more than 220,000 likes and 15,000 retweets on Twitter, with many users commenting on how “absurd” they found it.

One wrote: “I laugh at the absurdity of this answer. SHE WOULD HATE IT Truly one of the most joyless and tactless things I’ve ever read.”

Someone else said: “I am speechless with you. As a long time volunteer with a breed rescue and someone who has taken in over 20 dogs, this response is scathing.”

'She would have hated that...' Dog image.  Credit: PA
‘She would have hated that…’ Dog image. Credit: PA

Others said they had encountered similar problems with “fussy” animal shelters, while some said they sided with the shelter.

Another tweeted: “Rescues aren’t perfect but their intention is to find the most suitable homes for their dogs. You seemed to want something from your dog that they felt this dog couldn’t provide. Had the potential for a poor fit and the return of an older animal.”

However, in a follow-up tweet, Alice defended herself by saying that she read the information about Angel carefully.

She said: “So it got a little crazy – just because it seems to be a recurring theme:

“1) I read the description of the dog very well. Nowhere he said she doesn’t like exercise or needs limited walks.

“2) I wouldn’t apply for a dog that I couldn’t provide the right home for.”