Dog shelter owner arrested for leaving hungry dogs unattended

A 46-year-old man surnamed Lau was arrested for animal abuse in Yuen Long last night after six dogs were left without enough food.

The man ran a dog shelter where officers found two extremely thin adult dogs. Four puppies were locked in a cage where there was not enough food and water.

Police were at the scene after receiving a report from a 38-year-old man around 8pm yesterday that a bad smell was spreading from a stone house in Yeung Uk Tsuen. The police found six dogs in total, they are of the Mini Pinscher and Vizsla breed.

Two of the dogs appeared to be underweight, while four of the dogs, with dirty coats and soaked in urine, were kept in cages without food or water. Police then contacted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to help with the investigation.

During the initial investigation, the police arrested the 46-year-old pet owner for animal cruelty, Yuen Long’s criminal investigation team is now following the case. All dogs were brought to the SPCA Wai Chai center for veterinary inspection.

Sources said the stone house may be an illegal animal farm, as the man who lived alone in the stone house used the house to keep dogs for nearly 10 years. Some villagers in Yeung Uk Tsuen said that a bad smell always emanated from the stone house.

The villagers said that someone was selling dogs that were breeding in the dog shelter because they once saw a buyer picking up the dogs at the entrance to the village. They tried to file a complaint about this incident but ultimately failed.