Dog sprints for help after owner falls 70ft and breaks bones

Caution when walking alone is crucial, but sometimes it’s hard to find an injured person even if they have a way to call for help. Luckily, a hike with a loyal dog could end up saving your life.

A 53-year-old man and his Border Collie named Saul were camping in California’s Tahoe National Forest. They spent their time in a remote area hoping for a peaceful journey. But when Saul’s human was injured, there was no one around to witness it. So Saul went into “Lassie” mode to save the day.


The dog takes action

As the human and dog duo strolled through the beautiful park, the man met a precarious fate. He fell about 70 feet, breaking several ribs and possibly his hips. Somehow, the man was able to get cell service long enough to call the authorities, but it wasn’t enough to save him.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Service (NCSSAR) sent 25 rescuers into the forest to locate the man. They tried to track his location at the time of the call, but they were still having trouble locating him. A few people heard a voice calling for help, but it was hard to tell where it came from. Fortunately, Saul knew how to handle the situation.

Looking for a wounded man

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When Saul realized there were other people nearby, he ran towards them, momentarily leaving his owner’s side. When he met the rescuers, he led them back to his human’s location, ultimately saving the man’s life.

“True credit goes to subject’s K9 Border Collie who walked about 200 yards through the forest and in true ‘Lassie’ fashion to point out two searchers,” NCSSAR wrote on Facebook.


A real life “Lassie”

The man was under a camouflage tarp when help arrived. They airlifted him to hospital by helicopter, where he is being treated for traumatic injuries, including numerous broken bones.

The rescue team attributes their quick success to Saul’s actions. At first, the Border Collie had to be transported to another location while his human received hospital treatment, but since then Saul has reunited with the loved one he saved.

Border Collie hero closeup

“Excellent work and skill from everyone involved today and for the Border Collie he was brought back to Grass Valley and given a well deserved dinner,” NCSSAR wrote.

Exploring off the beaten path can be thrilling, but it pays to be careful in the process. Make sure a loved one knows where you’re going and pack everything you need. Familiarize yourself with camping safety tips for dog parents to help keep you and your furry friend safe.

Featured image: screenshot, and Facebook