Dog teeth shock all who see them

Caesar was adopted by Ruff House Rescue when he was 6 months old and was recently rescued at 10.5 years old because his family said he had “ruined too many rugs “. The senior pup is naturally very confused and is still adjusting to life in his foster home. His foster family already adores every part of him, including his walrus teeth.

“When I first opened the car door, he was nervously sitting in his dog bed,” Kathleen Gioeli, Caesar’s adoptive mother, told The Dodo. “He looked at me and I immediately fell in love with his ‘tusks’. I called my sister (who is my roommate/host partner) and told her he had arrived and looked like a walrus. We say he’s a walrus by day, a fruit bat by night – his big eyes and teeth are all you can see at night.

Caesar has two bottom teeth sticking out of his mouth. His former family told the rescue that every time they got his teeth cleaned he had to get shot and his canines moved over time. His unusual teeth don’t seem to cause him any pain, and he eats and drinks normally. It happens to look a lot like a walrus – and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

Although his teeth make him stand out, Caesar prefers to blend in as he slowly adapts to his new surroundings. His foster family can tell there’s a bubbly personality buried in him somewhere, and they loved seeing it slowly emerge.

“He has kind eyes, he seeks human affection above all else, he is polite to my dogs and appreciates every last crumb of food given to him,” Gioeli said. “He also likes to sunbathe, snuggle up in my bed as well as his, be held and, finally, take rides in the car. However, I know there are many more layers to his gentle soul that he hasn’t yet felt comfortable sharing. He will eventually get there with love and time!

Caesar’s walrus teeth have already caught the attention of potential adopters, and I hope he finds his forever family in no time. He’s still a little nervous and just wants to find a family that will love him exactly for who he is, walrus teeth and all.

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