Dog Who Naps In Owner’s Face After Failing To Wake Him Wins Hearts Online

It’s not uncommon for pets to have a favorite family member, and they’re not shy about showing it off.

Puppy using new owner’s face as pillow during nap is warming hearts online.

In the video, TikTok user @greenybeany420 (real name Ave Marin) wants her new puppy Dune to wake up her boyfriend Sam. Instead, Dune wraps her legs around Sam’s neck for a hug, the dog’s muzzle resting on his cheek as they nap together.

Job on June 25, the clip has nearly 6 million likes and over 90,000 shares.

The socialization period of their development is when dogs form their strongest bonds, with puppies becoming attached to whoever feeds and plays with them the most. Dogs also tend to favor people who resemble this initial caregiver.

It also turns out that dogs do look like their owners, with humans unwittingly choosing dogs that share physical or mental characteristics. According to a 2015 study, women with long hair are more likely to choose a dog with long hair, while overweight men are more likely to choose an overweight dog.

However, personality is also a factor. A previous study found that dogs and their owners tend to have similar personality profiles, with humans having more in common with their dogs than with their friends or partners.

A photo of a puppy resting its paw on its owner’s face as they nap together on the sofa. Puppy using new owner’s face as pillow during nap is warming hearts online.
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Ave and Sam adopted the adorable mixed breed from a shelter in June, and the pup has clearly settled into his new home. Whether snuggled up on the couch together or napping on his lap, there are several videos of Dune using Sam as a makeshift bed.

“I’m sorry to tell you, but he’s Sam’s dog now,” juicybubbles said.

“It’s meant to be, it’s unreal,” wrote Emily & Marty.

“It’s so precious,” ana commented, while 目で色の匂いがする said, “Go away. You’re interrupting their nap.”

In the comments, Ave said she would let the couple nap for another 30 minutes and claims she’s not jealous of their bond.

“Not even mad,” she wrote. “I love how much she loves him.”

Dune isn’t the only rescue dog to recently find his forever home. A stray dog ​​found wandering the streets with facial injuries is now thriving thanks to a North Carolina postal worker, while a dog rescued from a ‘ruined house’ is living its best life with owners who spoil it.

Newsweek contacted @greenybeany420 for comment.