DogSnap: Dog Breed Scanner and Care by HICLUB, INC.

What is DogSnap
By using DogSnap, you can identify different dog breeds just by taking pictures. DogSnap has an extensive dog knowledge base for you to get to know your dogs better. You can participate in fun video challenges with your dog, which will be very interesting! If you share the video in a challenge, your dog can get the attention he deserves and you can also connect with other dog lovers like you.

Main function

smart dog breed identifier
– More than 600 types of dogs can be identified and you can clearly know their lineage composition
– Identify the physical traits, movements and temperament of each race

Explore dog-related knowledge
– The most comprehensive database including not only dog ​​breeds but also detailed introductions to each one, get to know your dog better!

Find your match
– According to the characteristics of different breeds of dogs, choose the one that suits you best. You can find your ideal family dogs, best guard dogs, and more.

Learn dog training techniques
– Cultivate dogs’ daily habits and correct some bad habits
– Teach the dog to understand the meaning of your instructions and actions

Gain professional knowledge of canine care
– Learn tips on how to groom your dog gently, such as how to properly perform hair trimming, ear cleaning, nail trimming, bathing, etc.
– You can find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which ones to avoid

Share your dog and participate in a canine game or challenge
– Train and guide your dogs as they play, bond closely with them in the process.
– One-click download to share and catch the attention of other dog lovers

Don’t hesitate, come and try this dog scanner app!
If you want to know your dog’s breed, don’t pay for an expensive DNA test. Just download Dogsnap and spend a few seconds scanning your dog! You can meet many dog ​​lovers like you here and share your dog breeding experiences.

We cherish our dogs as best friends and family members. Let’s keep them happy and healthy!

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