Double act: Dog shelter forever seeks home for two ‘devout’ German Shepherd sisters

Now a dog shelter in Cork has appealed to a kind animal lover to offer a forever home to two abandoned German Shepherds who are coming as a couple.

Pixie and Jessie arrived at Cork Dog Action Welfare (DAWG) through no fault of their own and have been model residents ever since, charming every volunteer who comes in contact with them.

Although they are large dogs, they are affectionate and gentle, and happiest in each other’s company, which is why it is important that they are not separated.

“Pixie and Jessie, two devoted sisters, are still looking for a family.” said a DAWG spokesperson.

“These girls are six years old, they eat together, sleep together and play together. They are fabulous and exceptionally well-behaved girls.

German Shepherds are known as loyal and trusting companions. Highly intelligent, the breed can make gentle pets and respond well to training and commands.

“They don’t ask for much, just kindness and love. Any family would be lucky to have these girls in their home, so if you have room for them, please fill out a form.

These two are best suited to a home with children over 10 years old. You can read more about Pixie and Jessie here.

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