Dublin dog shelter is forced to stop taking in new dogs as it reaches capacity and no one is adopting

A south Dublin dog shelter is currently packed and can no longer afford to take in unwanted dogs as their bills are simply too high.

Dogs Angels Ireland sadly announced the news on Facebook. They explained that very few apps end up being successful, with dogs rarely finding their forever home.

The charity pointed out that the lack of funds and help led them to this difficult decision.

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They posted: “Unfortunately we have to close our doors to take on more dogs, we have kennel bills of around £5000+ per month with very few applications actually amounting to homes.

“Until we can help some of the dogs in our care, especially in kennels or foster homes, we cannot take any more dogs. With the lack of help and funds, it makes that impossible. We are very sorry.”

They continued: “Is it time to blame rescues on those who abuse, those who don’t care, those who mass-reproduce for the market.

“People could help by giving their dogs a chip so they don’t disappear and end up losing pounds, they could help by neutering their pets so rescues don’t have so much work to do. They could have helped by not buying dogs in a pandemic without really thinking about what they are doing.

“Maybe people could reach out to those with the power to effect change and bring about change regarding cruelty and mass breeding here.”

Subscribers were heartbroken by the news but understood where it came from.

“Thank you for your amazing work and for taking the time to put into words the trauma being experienced in the rescue world right now. Such a difficult time for rescues like you trying to pick up the pieces of the wave of puppies of the past few years. /dog request,” one follower wrote.

“You are painting a heartbreaking story, my heart aches for you,” wrote another.

“I will donate to try and help you with your plight my heart breaks for you and all the other people who give their lives to help I absolutely think the people who do these horrible things to these poor animals will have their reward and I hope they will, they have no heart, they are just cruel,” wrote another.

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