Eddy’s good news: No Kill Dog Shelter and rare species saved from extinction!

Virgin Radio

10 November 2022, 10:21

Credit: Big Dog Ranch Rescue Center

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Here’s a news update on America’s warming paws and the opening of the nation’s largest ever kill dog rescue ranch.

Say hello to Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Macon County, Alabama, which can house and most importantly relocate 5,000 dogs. Cleverly rebuilt on the grounds of a greyhound training school, this massive mutt mix will serve eight states, including Florida, and rehom dogs across the United States. These guys are experts at helping mutts in peril, even before they had a ranch they saved over 53,000 doggos from certain death by choosing a personal euthanasia outlaw.

The ranch will include some truly wonderful and heartwarming initiatives, one pairing veterans suffering from PTSD with abandoned military or police dogs, another pairing pooches who have lost their parents with senior dog lovers looking for new canine pals.

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European tree frog – Credit: Getty

Good news from Switzerland which has experienced an explosion in the frog population, which was badly needed as they were becoming critically endangered.

Say hello, guten morgen, bongiorno, hello or eighte morge (Switzerland is so confusing) to the fantastic frog friends whose population has quadrupled since scientists and volunteers decided to build ponds, tons, 422 in fact!

Frogs are an excellent indicator species of the state of an ecosystem, and the fact that their numbers had dropped so low was worrying. Frogs need ponds to breed and the more the better, as predatory species move there and nibble on their tadpoles, so they need other ponds to move around. One species that bounces back beautifully is the little European tree frog, it often travels miles to find a new home and is in danger every inch of that journey.

I’m actually digging a pond in my backyard so the frogs have a place to breed.

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