Elderly rescue dog hasn’t seen an adoption in nearly a year

An eight-year-old Labrador Cross, who sadly went more than 11 months without a single adoption viewing, is struggling to find her forever home. Can you help ?

Oreo was introduced in the Woodgreen Pets Charity Visitor Center in Cambridgeshire last July after her owner was no longer able to look after her. While waiting to be rehomed, Oreo was cared for by the dedicated foster families of Woodgreen, Alison and Taff Squire.

“Don’t let Oreo’s age fool you – she’s still full of beans! She’s very smart, more than she lets on, and you see the best of her on walks with her sniffling nose and its wagging tail. Although Oreo doesn’t like to play too much, we do enjoy the occasional backyard chase. She is happiest either sitting in the sun looking out the window or by your side. She really is a great companion,” says Taff.

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“Oreo is the best dog ever because she is so loving and has settled into our home so well. We have grown closer to her over the past few months and she is a real joy and a real comfort.”

Unfortunately, Woodgreen believes she has been overlooked by potential new owners because she is one of many dogs at the center who have lifelong medical and behavioral needs.

Natalie Powdrill-Wells of Woodgreen says, “It won’t always be easy and there will be challenges along the way, but the rewards will be immense. You’ll have to love them as they are, quirks and all, and recognize that they may never be the perfect all-around dog that can happily interact with strangers and other pets. But in the comfort of their home, where they can relax, they will be a wonderful addition to your family and will thank you many times over for your commitment.”

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If you’re interested in adopting Oreo, Woodgreen’s staff says she would benefit from living in a home without young children or other dogs or cats. She would also be better suited in a home where her owner(s) are home most of the day, such as those who work from home.

If you can give Oreo his perfect forever home, please start your repatriation course on the Woodgreen site.

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