Featured adoptable animals for National Dog Day

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s National Dog Day! As we celebrate our four-legged friends, IndyHumane encourages people to help find these dogs forever homes.

Each week, IndyHumane features adoptable pets available at the shelter. Here are some recently featured dogs that are still available for adoption. Read about them and head to the shelter at 7979 North Michigan Road to bring them home.

Tequila, 15 years in need of love

Photo// IndyHumane

Indy Humane says Tequila can be a shy girl who can be a bit nervous around new people and situations. She needs a quiet environment and may not be the best fit for a home with young children or a lot of foot traffic from guests.

Taquila will need an adopter who has the time to allow her to get comfortable and bond through lots of praise and treats.

IndyHumane says Tequila and her friend Daisy are a bonded couple and love each other too much to go home alone. Daisy is a 5 pound, 10 year old female who has the same characteristics as Tequila. Both can be adopted for a $200 adoption fee.

7 year old Rottie with cum


Rottie is an older boy who still has courage. Indy Humane says he would do well in a home where he takes daily walks and has plenty of tennis balls to play with and chew on.

Indy Humane says Rottie is very outgoing and loves attention, he likes to lean in for petting. He can be a little skittish with faster movements and some handling, for this reason he would not do well in a home with children.

He probably prefers to be a single pet, but if you have a very social dog at home, the staff can arrange an introduction to see if he will get along. Indy Humane says it’s available with option fees waived.

Tilly, nice old girl


Indy Humane says Tilly is one of the nicest senior girls you’ll ever meet. He is a social dog who will stoop for attention and pets.

She’s a sensitive soul, so Indy Humane says it will be very important for her adopter to take things slowly with her, taking time to bond using lots of praise and treats. Once she has established a trusting relationship with her companions, she is very gentle and affectionate and will put her paws in your lap to attract attention.

Tilly would not be a good choice for a home with children or a lot of foot traffic from guests. She can mate well with another social and easy-going dog.

Oreo: Spoil it

IndyHumane says Oreo is an awesome boy who’s been looking for his own adopter since last Christmas. He is a favorite of staff and volunteers.

Oreo loves to play with tennis balls and will need an adopter who is committed to playing with him every day. IndyHumane says Oreo didn’t come from the best start and was abused by one man for most of his young life, so now it’s understandable that he might be afraid of most new men and some women.

He has gained a lot of confidence and he does a lot better at meeting new people with a slow introduction. IndyHumane says that once he’s comfortable, he’s a big dog who likes to give kisses.

Oreo would do best in a low traffic home without a lot of visitors. Oreo is such a great loving goof and will be a perfect fit for the right home. He will need a home without children or other pets. This is not a dog park or dog day care. It is also a dog that will prefer to spend more one-on-one time with its adopter.

Oreo is working on a specialized training plan with IndyHumane’s canine behavior department. If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application. IndyHumane’s dog behavior team will contact you with more information.

You can find more dogs available by visiting the IndyHumane website.