Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts

The exact origins of the Fila Brasileiro, including the breed’s birth date, are not well documented. Based on the Brazilian Mastiff’s appearance, the massive breed is believed to have been created by crossing English Mastiffs, Bulldogs, and Bloodhounds during the 1600s.

These large dogs were used by colonial plantation owners to fend off large predators like jaguars. They were also accustomed to hunting and tracked cattle like cattle, unfortunately with the escaped slaves from the plantations, and grabbed them by the neck, restraining them until the humans of the dogs arrived.

Despite their massive size, these guard dogs are agile. The Fila Brasileiro could hunt up to 35 MPH for their human-owning plantation, then shift into calm and docile mode when relaxing with family.

Centuries later, in 1946, the first breed standards for the Fila Brasileiro were published. Residents of the city of Sao Paulo were instructed to keep breeding records. In 1954 the Brasil Kennel Club (BKC) accepted the breed, and in 1960 the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) did the same.

The stranger-aggressive breed is not recognized by show clubs like the American Kennel Club because judges would not be able to inspect the watchful and powerful breed.