Find out your dog’s breed with 70% off this DNA test and DOGTV bundle

Just like humans, the genetic makeup of dogs can tell you a lot about your best friend. Many dog ​​breeds have certain personality traits, temperaments, and a propensity for specific health issues.

Knowing your dog’s breed makeup can help you better care for your four-legged friend. The more you know, the better care you can give your pup, whether it’s training methods, traits to look out for, or health issues that might arise at any given time. Preparation is the key to being a good dog parent of a happy, healthy puppy.

Right now, you can get the My Dog Breed DNA ID test and a lifetime subscription to DOGTV for the discounted price of $147, a savings of 70% off the full purchase price of $503. Determine your dog’s genetic heritage and provide him with a lifetime of entertainment with this essential set for canine parents.

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The My Dog Breed DNA Kit is an easy and painless test to determine your dog’s breed. With a simple cheek swab, which you then send to a lab, you’ll get a response in two weeks with an outline of the dog breeds that make up your pet’s history. You’ll also get a breakdown of your dog’s personality traits, DNA makeup, breed mix, disease susceptibility and more.


The package also includes a lifetime subscription to DOGTV, a 24/7 channel with programs designed to keep dogs entertained and company. Programs suit your dog’s visual and auditory senses, with colors modified to suit their vision to provide a safe and fun distraction that can reduce destructive and annoying behaviors.

The My Dog Breed DNA Identification Test and a lifetime subscription to DOGTV are on sale now for $147, helping you provide the best care for your dog.