Find out your dog’s breed with this simple DNA kit on sale

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TL; DR: Get more information about your dog’s breed with the My Dog Breed DNA Identification Test, on sale for $52.97 starting May 27, a total savings of 33%.

Whether you have your dog at the shelter or with a breeder, it’s hard to know the full story of your dog’s heritage and history. But with the DNA My Dog Breed ID Kit, you can find out your dog’s unique breed, which can be helpful for health analysis, future prognosis, and more. And since May 27, the DNA kit is $26 off.

All you have to do is dab your dog’s cheek with the sterile applicator provided. It’s painless for your dog, and it only takes a few seconds to collect the sample (depending on how open your dog is to letting you put something in his mouth). Then just mail it in with the included envelope and you’ll have your results in two weeks or less.

The results come with a detailed report that breaks down your dog’s unique characteristics, including personality traits, DNA makeup, breed mix, and more. Once you have these results, you can find out where your adopted dog is from and take the results to the vet to let them know of any future risk factors that may be on the horizon.

The results also come with a personalized photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog’s breed makeup and a breakdown of your dog’s unique DNA. You can even get a personality traits report, so if your dog has always been friendly, anxious, or cold, you can begin to understand why.

Normally, this DNA kit sells for $79, but for a limited time, you can take it home for just $52.97.

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