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As a new puppy owner, it can be very daunting to know where to start training and to avoid negative behaviors as soon as possible. On the other hand, correcting behavioral issues in an older or adopted shelter dog can be just as difficult. With this 2022 Ultimate Dog Training Bundle, you’ll learn the basics of dog training and dog behavior training for all stages, plus general animal training from certified dog trainer, Ian Stone.

This bundle includes three internationally accredited online courses from the International Open Academy, a leader in online learning to achieve your professional and personal goals. These courses are easy to follow and applicable as they are step by step videos with demonstrations of real dogs interacting with certified dog trainer Ian Stone. Ian has over ten years of animal welfare experience and will teach you how to train your dog in a positive environment using reward-based principles.

The first lesson is Dog Training Essentials, which will guide you through the fundamentals of basic training commands and behavioral traits to look out for. Prepare yourself with tips and games to effectively train your dog. The next lesson is Dog training and behavior where obedience training with a clicker, crate and leash comes into play. In today’s world with an increase in the number of anxious dogs, you will be able to correct bad behavior and learn tips on how to keep your dog happy in a stress-free environment.

The last lesson, Pet training and care, gives you the skills to care for other dogs that aren’t your own and learn to care for the needs of other animals that aren’t just dogs. This course is a great starting point if you want to pursue a career as a dog trainer or guardian, teaching you how to handle security situations.

Typically worth $337, you can now get this Ultimate Dog Training Bundle 2022 for just $39.99.

2022 Ultimate Dog Training Kit with Accredited Certification – $39.99

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