Gran heartbroken after ‘woman ran over her dog twice’ in front of children

An east London woman is heartbroken after her dog was ‘run over in front of her’. Natalie Peacock, 54, from Australia but who moved to London in 2005, was taking her 2-year-old grandson home when tragedy struck.

Last Wednesday (June 15), Natalie had parked in Bethnal Green, outside her daughter’s house, with her grandson and her “beloved” dog, Rocky. She took the buggy out and put it on the sidewalk and told Rocky to jump over the baby seat to get out – a standard request Rocky always made.

As she started to walk towards Roberta Street, the grandmother heard a detonation. She tearfully said: “I was pushing the buggy and assumed Rocky was either following behind or had gone for a snorting pole. Something told me to turn around and I met my eyes with a girl in a white car. I clearly remember one day hearing her cry ‘What was that?’

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Natalie Peacock is heartbroken after seeing her dog run over and killed

“It didn’t register me what she hit until I heard her roll over. She didn’t stop or even check to watch what she hit. J heard Rocky scream and ran towards him. It was heartbreaking. .

“I remember picking up my dog ​​on the road, he bit my hand. I picked him up and carried him inside and I could see he was in so much pain. I don’t remember nothing other than picking him up on the road. I took everyone to the apartment and my 2 year old saw me pick up Rocky and heard him scream, it was awful.”

Rocky had become best friends with Natalie’s grandsons

After taking Rocky to his daughter, they rushed to Hackney Vet on Lower Clapton Road. Thanks to this, Rocky suffered a lot and was directly taken care of. He had a broken pelvis and a broken back and eventually suffered cardiac arrest. There was hope that he was stable enough to be X-rayed, but soon after the vet came out and said he was dead.

“I think it’s just disgusting that this could happen,” Natalie said. “I don’t care about money and nothing will replace my dog. Knowing that my 2 year old witnessed this is horrible and then what if it was a child?

“It all takes a second, a lack of focus and your life has changed. Rocky was such a good dog and this girl can’t imagine the pain and heartbreak she caused.

“I saw myself growing up with Rocky and him growing up with my grandkids. It was really heartbreaking and almost a week later I’m still emotional. I took Rocky with me everywhere, on vacation, at the park – he loved football, he was the best.”

Natalie had Rocky when he was a few weeks old to coincide with her daughter’s son being just 15 months old. The couple became best friends and inseparable, which brought joy to Natalie. She had technically gotten the dog for her grandson, but her closeness to Rocky was crystal clear.

Natalie hoped she and Rocky would have aged together

She told MyLondon: “Rocky was just the best. We went everywhere together and he and my grandson were amazing together. I always said when he was 17, Rocky was 16. When my daughter was growing up in Australia we We’ve always had pets so when I finally moved to London I decided to buy a dog, when my second grandchild was born I bought him Rocky but he ended up staying with me.”

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