Guide Dog Updates Martin Jennings Memorial Run Kernow

A pup named Kernow who was named and paid for by The Martin Jennings Memorial Motorcycle is doing well with his training.

Last year bikers raised over £11,000 for Guide Dogs to train a puppy for guide dog qualification. Kernow was born on December 16, 2021.

Those eyes! Kernow when he was a little puppy.

Puppy raiser Carol has been caring for Kernow since February and, as previously reported in the Packet, Carol said: “Kernow is a bright, cheerful little character who is very playful and loves his cuddles! He quickly settled into his new home and now sleeps through the night.

Now, at eight months, he's still cute.

Now, at eight months, he’s still cute.

“During his first week, Kernow woke up several times in the night because he needed to go to the bathroom, but he now sleeps well – he wakes up very early every day and immediately thinks it’s recess time!

“One of the first things puppies need to master when they move into their new home is potty training. Kernow has been brilliant, and after a few mishaps on day one, he’s now clean and dry inside. interior.”

Now that Kernow has nearly completed his first year of training, the next step will be to head to a guide dog training school to begin his next stage of training.

Kernow’s report card shows he is doing well in obedience and puppy care, but still needs to improve his social skills. In the comments he said: “He loves free running and mixes well with other dogs he meets.

He enjoys playing fetch and pull games with his Puppy Raiser.

Sometimes Kernow can be vocal and bark when someone is at the front door of his house or if he hears people passing by, so we try hard to discourage this behavior. Kernow regularly attends puppy classes which he enjoys and always does his best to please his puppy raiser. He’s in his teenage phase now, so he can sometimes seem to ignore his master if something better is going on, but overall he’s a lovely, sweet lad.”

The Martin Jennings Memorial Motorcycle Run started in 1988 and has raised around £150,000 for local and national charities over the years. This year they will be raising funds for Cornwall Palliative Care.

For more information, visit the Martin Jennings Memorial Facebook page.