Hear the Heartbreaking Screams of Rescue Dog at Shelter: “She Needs Out”

The heartbreaking cries of a rescue dog after arriving at a shelter moved people to tears, as workers begged for help to find him a home.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, based in Ontario, Canada, shared a video on its TikTok page, @dogtalesrescue, of Nellie on Tuesday.

She arrived at the shelter from Thailand about three weeks ago and had a hard time adjusting.

A photo of Nellie the rescue dog. She came to Dog Tales Rescue in Ontario, Canada from Thailand about three weeks ago but struggled to adjust, crying constantly.
Sarah Huehn/@dogtalesrescue/

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that about 6.3 million animals enter US shelters each year, up from 7.2 million in 2011.

Of this figure, approximately 3.1 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. Some 920,000 animals, around 390,000 dogs and 530,000 cats, are euthanized, although that figure has also fallen from a total of 2.6 million in 2011.

Some find new homes, with 4.1 million animals adopted each year, some 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats. While 810,000 animals find their masters, 710,000 dogs and 100,000 cats return home.

Staff and volunteers have been working to help Nellie settle in, as they uploaded a video of her, in hopes a new owner could be found.

“Nellie spends hours and hours crying in her room because the shelter environment is very difficult for her,” reads the text on the screen.

“She is in desperate need of a home. We believe she has separation anxiety and are looking for a family who has experience with it.”

The caption of the video reads: “We are desperately asking you to share Nellie as she needs to get out of the shelter environment.”

TikToker Spikesmomma wrote, “This is the video that should be shared everywhere when a family abandons their dog. Absolutely heartbreaking,” while Miss:Keleisha commented, “It breaks my heart, I’m in tears.”

TikTok user Judy wrote: “This broke my heart, wish I could take her home.”

Nellie the rescue dog.
Pictures of Nellie the rescue dog. A TikTok clip of her crying at the Dog Tales Shelter in Ontario, Canada has gone viral online.
Sarah Huehn/@dogtalesrescue/

The clip has been viewed more than a million times, and Sarah Huehn of the Dog Tales Rescue And Sanctuary team of vet techs said Newsweek about Nellie.

Huehn said the sanctuary estimates she was around 9 years old and of mixed race. Nellie was cared for by a Thai shelter, called Soi Dog Foundation, where she arrived in 2019.

“Not much is known of his life before arriving at Soi Dog [Foundation]so we can only imagine what she went through,” Huehn said.

As the clip shows, Nellie has struggled to adjust, as Huehn shared more about the dog’s journey so far, saying she was “shy” and showed “signs of anxiety” almost immediately. .

Huehn said: “At first she complained at different times of the day, especially when people passed by her room. She was also difficult to feed, as she was so anxious that she had to be hand-fed.

“We immediately put her on medication to help with her anxiety, which only worked for a few days. We’ve since replaced the medication she was on with a stronger anxiety medication, which seems work for her.

“The problem with these types of medications is that the dog taking them has to be relaxed to feel the effects,” Huehn said. “If the dog is in a constant state of anxiety like Nellie, he is able to fight the meds and never really relax.

“When left alone, Nellie starts moaning and screaming as seen in the video, as well as trying to escape her room,” Huehn said. “Since the video was posted, we have since moved it to a larger room in an area where fewer people are moving around, and that has helped.”

Nellie the rescue dog.
Pictures of Nellie the rescue dog. The TikTok video of her crying has gone viral, and the Dog Tales Rescue team believe she may be suffering from separation anxiety.
Sarah Huehn/@dogtalesrescue/

Huehn brings Nellie home every night, to stay with her, her five dogs, four cats, husband and sons, 7 and 3. not ideal, we like to give Nellie some downtime away from the kennel.”

The team continually made adjustments to make Nellie more comfortable. Huehn said: “Since our arrival, we have put in place many things for Nellie to make her life more enjoyable and less stressful.

“We continued with his medication, as well as a Thundershirt [dog-anxiety T-shirt] she wears on her most stressful days.”

Volunteers spend hours walking Nellie, taking her outside and socializing with her, while she receives treats and puzzles to help keep her stimulated.

Huehn said there have been a few applications to adopt Nellie, but none fit her needs.

“Nellie suffers from severe separation anxiety and needs an owner who has extensive knowledge in this area,” Huehn said. “She hasn’t been tested alone in a home, so we need someone who can slowly work with her.

“The family must also be prepared to accept that they may never be left alone due to their anxiety.”

The table below, provided by Statista, shows the figures for animals in shelters.

Infographic: Where animals are most likely to end up in shelters |  Statistical You can find more infographics on Statista

An “ideal” situation is someone who works from home or is retired, but also active as Nellie likes to spend most of her time outdoors.

Huehn said: “A home with no other pets is ideal because Nellie can be selective about dogs and a bit grumpy if other pets have too many in her personal space. She’s a lovebug and loves affection.

“She is the definition of a couch potato, and when at home she is completely relaxed, without whining or crying. She just sleeps on the couch, observes her surroundings and enjoys a good belly massage,” Huehn said.

Anyone interested in adopting Nellie can apply through the sanctuary’s website, and there’s been an influx of potential owners responding on TikTok.

Svgmomma wrote, “I just filled out an application. I’m from MI [Michigan]. I can’t take this. it breaks my heart !! I will like it.”

TikToker Kimberly commented, “I’ll literally pick her up this Friday. I’m in Ottawa and she’ll be living her best life of toys, treats, cuddles and lots of walks.”

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