Here’s Which Dog Breed To Choose If You Want One That’s Small But Super Smart And Short-Haired

Choosing a pet is no easy feat. We need to identify the right pet for all family members and be sure we can guarantee a happy and peaceful existence. Each breed of dog, for example, has behavioral characteristics that must be learned to assess.

So here is which breed of dog to choose if we want a small but super smart, short-haired, perfect for the whole family. He is actually a very playful little dog. Able to stand guard, but also have fun and show off all his incredible strength.

A true concentrate of energy perfect for training

We are, of course, talking about the Jack Russel Terrier, a small dog, but with truly incredible qualities. Courage, strength and a healthy dose of energy are just some of his amazing qualities. Not only that, because this breed of dog is very happy to be trained, simply because the Jack Russel Terrier was born precisely for this.

The agility and flexibility of this breed are the result of its dazzling physical form, combined with a coat that is not too long and perfectly waterproof. The good news is that he will also make a great companion dog, provided you know some interesting things about him.

Here’s Which Dog Breed To Choose If You Want One That’s Small But Super Smart And Short-Haired

The Jack Russel Terrier became famous, in particular, after the broadcast of the well-known film “The Mask”. The canine co-star belonged to this breed and he too was fearless. His temper is the envy of any human master, his speed and tenacity even more so.

Anyone who thinks they can adopt one of these loyal puppies and leave them bored for hours in the apartment is wrong. Dogs belonging to this breed love to play and show their master all their skills to be appreciated.

He will love every member of the family madly, but no one should forget to give him at least one or two daily outdoor walks. Continuous physical and mental stimulation is essential for the animal, as well as all the affection of the people around it.


We should not ignore these positions that dogs adopt to communicate something to the owner.

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