Hero dog who saved owner from mountain lion dies unexpectedly

Updated: June 10, 2022

Eva, the loyal and courageous Belgian Malinois who fought a mountain lion to save her human, died unexpectedly this week. The attack, which happened on May 16, left Eva with a severe skull fracture.

According to his mother, Erin Wilson, the 2-year-old dog suddenly started having seizures over the weekend. Although she rushed to the UC Davis veterinary clinic, Eva’s condition continued to deteriorate.


“She just never woke up,” a tearful Wilson told The Sacramento Bee. “She never woke up.”

Eva’s death comes as a painful shock to Erin and the hero dog’s worldwide group of fans and supporters. She spent days in critical condition after the initial attack, but appears to have miraculously recovered. Unfortunately, head injuries are unpredictable and his were more serious than originally appeared.

“Goodbye my beautiful sweet girl,” Wilson wrote in an Instagram tribute. “You are my world, my light, my best friend. The world is a much darker place.

Watch the bittersweet video of Eva’s return from the hospital last month and learn more about her heroic actions during the attack below.

Original post: May 18, 2022

There are many ways to be careful with wildlife, but sometimes you just don’t have the ability to think or prepare. A woman and her dog love to hike together, but when a mountain lion attacked them, they had to act fast. First, the massive feline went after the woman, but her dog refused to let her loved one die.

Thanks to the bravery of the puppy, the woman survived the tragic incident. However, the hero dog was in critical condition afterward due to a fractured skull and numerous other injuries. The dog is now hailed as a hero and people around the world are raising funds to help him recover.

A woman and a dog attacked by a cougar

Belgian Malinois saves the day

Erin Wilson and her Belgian Malinois named Eva were walking along the Trinity River in Northern California when their lives were put in danger. Eva was only a few yards ahead of the rental when a mountain lion pounced on Wilson. The wildcat scratched his shoulder through his jacket, so Wilson called Eva. Wilson’s truck was still in sight, but the cougar wouldn’t leave.

The 55-pound dog ran full speed towards the mountain lion and rammed it. The cougar turned its attention to Eva, but the dog didn’t stand a chance. Finally, the mountain lion sank its teeth into Eva’s head and wouldn’t let go.

Belgian Malinois on a walk

“They fought for a few seconds and then I heard her start crying,” Wilson said. “That’s when the cat clung to his skull.”

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Wilson tried everything to make the cougar let go. She used rocks, sticks and even her fists to hit the cat, but he was able to protect himself with his hind legs. So Wilson ran to his truck to grab a tire iron with which to attack the mountain lion. She also flagged a driver named Sharon Houston to help her.

Mountain lion close-up

After Wilson beat the mountain lion again, he finally let go of Eva. Houston then sprayed the feline with pepper spray, causing it to run away.

Heroes Need Saving Too

At first, Eva seemed fine, but when Wilson took a closer look, she noticed puncture wounds on her face and blood coming out of her mouth. So she took her to the emergency vet, which was an hour and a half away. It was the most stressful ride of Wilson’s life. Eva had convulsions halfway through the ride, causing Wilson to fear the dog might not survive.

Belgian Malinois recovering

But luckily, the couple went to the vet, where staff members discovered numerous injuries. Eva had two skull fractures, a punctured skull cavity, significant swelling near her eye and numerous scratches. She has a long way to go to recover, but vets seem optimistic that she will survive.

“My dog ​​is my hero and I owe him my life,” Wilson said. “She really likes stuffed animals, so we’re buying her a bunch of stuffed animals. We’re going to get her a nice steak dinner. She’s going to get all kinds of treats for a while.

Belgian Malinois attacked by a puma

Even though things are looking up for this hero dog, his vet bills are quickly piling up. So, Wilson started a GoFundMe to raise money for Eva. So far, people have given twice the donation goal, which was $7,500.

Featured Image: Instagram