‘Invisible’ dog spends seven years in kennel without adoption


Lonely Lina has been in a kennel for so long she’s become part of the background – but desperately hopes an owner will show up to take her home and show her what it’s like to be loved

She spent most of her life in a shelter

An ‘invisible’ dog has spent seven years in a kennel after several failed attempts to find him a home.

Having spent most of her life in a shelter, the loner Lina became the backbone of Barking Mad Dog Rescue.

The eight-year-old dog waited “an incredibly long time” at a small shelter for an owner to come forward – and now faces death in a kennel.

As a puppy, Lina was picked up from the streets of Bucharest, Romania with a broken jaw.

Hilary Anderson of Barking Mad Dog Rescue said: “She was first found on a building site with her jaw broken – it was no doubt done deliberately.

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Lina has been in the kennel for seven years



She waits for the right owner to show up



“She was pieced together by kind-hearted people and a trained vet.”

Lina was described as a shy dog ​​who would “thrive in a home with an owner willing to work with her one-on-one”.

“Lina has never had the opportunity to shine. She just seems invisible,” she added.

“She’s a bit shy until she gets to know you. She’s not a fearful dog but she will be shy in a new situation.”

The mixed breed would suit a home with another dog – and would need a careful reintroduction to cats as at a previous shelter the cat teased her every day by “dancing on the roof of her kennel and shoving her head “.

Hilary added: “Lina would need an experienced rescue home as she’s not somewhere she has the chance to wander around or expand her horizons.

“We would love to bring Lina into a British host family.

Lina was found as a puppy with a broken jaw



“Her world is small and she would need time and another dog to gradually get used to the big world again.”

Barking Mad Dog Rescue has been working since 2013 to repatriate Romanian shelter dogs to the UK.

The rescue has rehomed over 1,000 dogs and continues to feed approximately 650 dogs each day in their shelters.

Hilary, from Scotland, started Barking Mad Dog Rescue after saving her dog Pixie following a call on Facebook.

She said: “Pixie lived in a park in Bucharest, with her mother, brother and six other dogs.

“They were fed, vaccinated and sterilized by a woman who wanted to help the wanderers in the park.

“The pack survived as best they could. The winters were harsh. Their keeper built them a kennel and the locals tore it to pieces.

But their lives changed in 2013 when new laws ordered stray animals to be stopped and killed.

“Pixie, like many others, ended up in a private shelter.

“Although safe from the dog hunters, Pixie had lost everything – her freedom and her life. She stopped eating and couldn’t get used to life behind bars.

“In desperation, the woman who had cared for Pixie in the park posted her on Facebook asking someone to take her away from Romania and give her the home she deserved.”

Hilary answered that call and ended up adopting Pixie alongside two other dogs, Elsa and Kirsty, before launching her own rescue.

The Barking Mad Dog Rescue team now returns to Romania every two months to visit their own shelters in Constanta.

If you would like to adopt Lina or any other dog in the care of Barking Mad Dog Rescue, submit an application via their website www.barkingmaddogrescue.co.uk.

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