Learn more about your pup with a set of dog DNA and allergy tests

Our puppies are part of our families. But do you know everything there is to know about your four-legged friend? If you consider yourself a true dog lover, now you can learn all about Fido and his health with the My Dog Breed DNA Identification Test Kit and My Pet Kit Allergy Test. Give this gift to your puppy-loving friends or wrap it for your pooch under the tree because the bundle is available now for just $120, saving you over $50 for a limited time.

Want to have an answer the next time someone asks “what kind of dog is that?” during your evening walk? If you’re not entirely sure about your pup’s DNA and background, you can end the mystery once and for all with the help of the My Dog Breed DNA Identification Test. It gives you insight into your dog’s ancestry with a painless dog DNA cheek swab. Find out exactly what breeds your mixed breed rescue is made up of or learn more about the genetic makeup of your purebred.

Not only does the My Dog Breed DNA Identification Test solve your curiosity about the breed makeup of your four-legged family member, it also helps you better understand their health. Learn about potential health issues and learn about genetic health issues and the risks of certain canine diseases. It even sheds light on personality characteristics.

If your pup has issues such as itchy skin, upset stomachs or other uncomfortable conditions, you can also perform an allergy test right at home and learn more about their triggers – no costly visits to the home. veterinarian is required. This affordable and easy-to-use pet sensitivity test helps you find out what could be negatively affecting the well-being of your four-legged family member. You’ll receive a personalized analysis of approximately 100 dietary and environmental issues your pet may be susceptible to, so you can improve their health immediately.

Ready to pamper your pooch? Get the My Dog Breed Identification Test DNA Kit and Allergy Test My Pet Kit for just $120 for a limited time.