Man Reunites With Dog He Rescued Two Years Ago And Is Shocked By His Transformation

One day in early 2020, Kieran Hedley was walking along a beach with a friend in Bali, Indonesia when it started to rain. The couple ran to take refuge in a nearby temple and, as they entered, they heard people dancing and singing.

Amid the din, Hedley noticed a small dog, covered in scabs, refusing to move away from a torn piece of cardboard on the floor.

Hedley knew he had to help her.

“I felt like it was urgent,” he told The Dodo.


Hedley surmised that the dog had been abandoned near the box and remained loyally there, confident that her owner would return for her.

Her heart broke for the lonely pup. Trying to figure out what to do, Hedley called his friend on Bali paws, an organization dedicated to the rehousing of stray animals. Comforted in knowing he had expert help by his side, Hedley wrapped the dog in his t-shirt and led her back to the villa where he was staying.

He started noticing her bubbly personality and started calling her Bubbles.

man holding a dog

With the help of Bali Paws, Bubbles received treatment for her skin condition and the necessary vaccinations. During Bubbles’ first two weeks at the villa, Hedley helped her get used to being around people who cared for her.

“Those first two weeks were some of the most inspiring days of my life,” Hedley said. “Falling asleep looking at this beautiful little puppy who was so shy, so terrified, so frightened, so fragile.

man leans on his pet dog

Soon, Bubbles gained confidence. The dog that once curled up in the corner was now begging to play and constantly running around.

When the COVID-19 pandemic turned dire about two months later, Hedley was faced with the difficult decision to leave Bali. He couldn’t take Bubbles with him, so he began scrambling to find him a permanent, loving family.

Hedley eventually found a woman on a trip to Bali from her home in Italy who was thrilled to have a new friend. The woman and Bubbles met during the woman’s last days in Bali, and eventually they returned to Italy.

Two years later, Hedley traveled to Italy and reunited with Bubbles, who immediately felt comfortable with her old friend and started licking him. Hedley was amazed at how far the little dog had come.

“It was an absolutely beautiful moment, one of the greatest moments of my life, to see Bubbles again,” Hedley said. “She completely transformed.”

man holding a dog

Thanks to Hedley, Bubbles is now thriving with his new family. Hedley will never forget the gentle dog who defied all odds.

“She changed my life in a very positive way,” Hedley said. “She constantly inspires me whenever I think of her.”

To help other dogs like Bubbles, donate to Bali Paws here.