Man throws dog over shelter fence, thinking it’s his only option

Staff members from the Clark County Animal Shelter in Kentucky came to the facility after hours to attend to the medical needs of a dog. When they arrived they found a new dog sitting inside their fenced area. The pup was a medium sized Pit Bull who appeared to be in good health.

Staff members rechecked their calls, emails and Facebook messages to see if anyone had contacted them before dropping the dog off, but found nothing. So they looked at their security cameras, and they were shocked by what they saw. A man threw the dog over the fence and quickly ran away.


Caught in flagrante delicto

Surveillance footage at the Clark County Animal Shelter captured the man’s license plate and face as he dumped his dog at the shelter. The staff had no idea why the man had not contacted them. Even after hours, they can help people who call their emergency line.

The shelter posted the story on Facebook along with a screenshot of the man throwing the dog over the fence. They asked the man to come forward so they could go through a proper surrender procedure. Abandoning animals is a class A misdemeanor, so they said they would file criminal charges if necessary.

Man dumping dog at shelter

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“Our staff can be reached by any of these methods even after hours and there are instructions on the machine to reach someone in an emergency. We make ourselves available because we care about animals and they shouldn’t be punished because of people,” Clark County Animal Shelter wrote. “We ask that this person contact us immediately to complete the proper handover procedures and give us the information we need to be able to find a new home for this dog.”

The next day, the dog’s owner returned to the shelter to explain. He was heartbroken that the media believed he had tried to hurt his dog. He told them he left the dog there because he thought it was the only way to keep him safe.

Pit Bull left at the shelter

There’s more to the story

According to the man, there was a medical emergency he needed to attend, and the person who was supposed to watch his dog got him up. So he thought the shelter would be the safest place for his dog. He threw it over the fence and planned to jump the fence the next day to retrieve it. He hadn’t realized that the shelter would have willingly helped him if he had called them.

The man had veterinary records and photos of the dog. He spoke to shelter staff for about two hours, as they confirmed his story was true. After all, they let the man bring his dog home and decided not to press charges. However, they reminded him and the community that calling or emailing the shelter first is the right decision in these situations.

Pit Bull returns home with its owner

“I really love my dog ​​and I’m glad things haven’t gotten worse,” the man said.

Everyone agrees that the man’s initial actions were not correct. But dog lovers at the shelter made sure the dog was safe and well cared for before sending him home. Not everyone is aware of the right thing to do when faced with something like this, so shelter staff hope it was a good learning experience for the man and anyone following this story.

Featured Image: Facebook