Mountain Cur Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts

The Mountain Cur is a very energetic dog breed and needs daily mental and physical stimulation to prevent destructive behavior from occurring. They should have plenty of obedience training as well as other physical activities to do from an early age so that you can have a manageable, well-behaved dog as an adult.

Since they were bred to perform tasks, they always need to have a job to do. Whether it’s tree growing, hiking, jogging, or other sports, the Mountain Cur must have a devoted parent to meet those needs.

If you love the outdoors or live on a farm, the Mountain Cur is the perfect companion for you. They will be more than happy to patrol the perimeter of your home and would risk their own lives to protect their families.

Although these dogs love to spend time running around in open spaces and enjoying the great outdoors, be sure to avoid dog parks. Unfortunately, the Mountain Cur is quite skeptical of other dogs, and despite socialization efforts, may not have a safe or enjoyable time interacting with other dogs.

Along with their exercise needs, Mountain Curs also need dental hygiene and nail care. Try brushing your Mountain Cur’s teeth twice a week to also remove tartar buildup and bacteria. Ideally, daily brushing should be done.

Trim their nails once a month or as needed. Their nails may not need to be trimmed as often if they spend a lot of time walking on concrete or other outdoor surfaces that will naturally dull the nails. If you hear the nails banging on the ground, they are too long.