Older dog seeks 4Ever Home and enjoys playing with his toys

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Franklin County Dog Adoption and Rescue Center describes this 10-year-old as a sweet, restless girl!

Almond Joy has been in and out of the shelter since 2018.

In July of this year, his 4 Ever Homes caught fire and two of his dog companions died. Afterwards, her family had no place to stay and she found her way to refuge.

She’s looking for the perfect forever home where she can have all your love and attention! She looks forward to taking daily walks with you by her side and snuggling up to you every night. She seems to do well with other dogs and would do better with quieter furry friends. Meet her today!

Any dog ​​that has been at the shelter for more than 14 days is available for adoption for the price of a dog license of $18.

Kennel: 1121
ID: 121984
Age: 10.0 years
Breed: Large mixed breed (mixed)
Adult size: Extra large
Weight: 74 pounds
Sex: Female (sterilized)

Kennel: 1175
ID: 156578
Age: 2.0 years
Breed: American Staffy (Mix)
Adult Size: Large
Weight: 51.2 pounds
Sex: Male (castrated)

Kennel: 1166
ID: 161590
Age: 2.1 years old
Breed: Pit Bull (mixed)
Adult size: medium
Weight: 42.2 pounds
Sex: Female (sterilized)
(Photo courtesy FCDS)

Kennel: 1134
ID: 161937
Location: REAL LIFE
Age: 2.1 years old
Breed: Pit Bull (mixed)
Adult size: unknown
Weight: 59.8 pounds
Sex: Female (sterilized)