Owners left stitches on very gross Aldi dog toy on sale for £2.99

Budget supermarket Aldi has received complaints about its corn-cob-shaped dog toy – with users saying ‘absolutely nobody buys this for their dog’

Dog owners have raised concerns over the dog toy’s X-rated design

Aldi has left people angry over its ‘offensive’ dog toy that will ‘land someone in A&E’.

The budget supermarket has released a £2.99 SpecialBuy for dogs – but owners have raised issues with its X-rated design.

The corncob-shaped dog toy is ribbed and has a suction cup so owners can stick it anywhere in their home.

A Twitter post, shared by Extreme Couponing and Bargains, read: “Aldi is selling sweetcorn-shaped DOG toys for £2.99. Good DOG emphasis there guys.”

While most users laughed at the design, others called it “offensive,” especially if introduced into a family home.

One user joked: ‘What’s in the name Ann Summers’, while another added: ‘Ribbed for added fun’.

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A third user said: “I’m sure A&E will see a lot of that.”

Similarly, another added: “You just know someone is going to end up in A&E saying they tripped over this accidentally got lodged in the back!

“Some people just can’t train their dogs to put their toys away properly.”

It comes after the supermarket’s Peppa Pig ice cream left shoppers hysterical because of its odd hand.

Shopper Simon Linney bought a box of six Peppa Pig popsicles for his children from an Aldi supermarket in Stanley, County Durham, for £1.49.

He sent a funny snap of the lollipop to the Mirror, saying: “I thought it might get a laugh.

“I bought these Peppa Pig ice creams at Aldi. Since when does Peppa have a tall penis?!

“My four-year-old didn’t want to eat all the ice cream because we laughed about it.”

Made by Icefresh Foods Ltd in Slovenia, the ice cream is meant to show off the profile of the popular children’s television character.

In the image on the box, Peppa’s ice cream smiles and the X-rated detail is actually her arm, with three fingers on the end.

But the fingers seem to have melted into one on Simon’s lollipop.

Do you think the dog toy is rude? Or do you see no problem with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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