‘Perfect’ weekend for North East Dog Festival organizers as dogs and owners enjoy activities and attractions

The weekend’s event saw thousands of owners and their dogs visit Northumberland College’s Kirkley Hall campus near Ponteland.

It has provided space for three charity dog ​​shows, sponsored by Spotty Dog Design.

Roo’s Journey, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter and GSP Rescue Services have run classes in everything from the best looking dog to the best costume – with some classes having over 40 dogs.

The North East Dog Festival, sponsored by Vets On The Meowve, welcomed thousands of visitors and their dogs this weekend.

The three shows, over the two days, raised thousands of pounds.

As expected, the giant wharf’s diving pool turned out to be a huge hit. Many dogs were seen flying through the air to splash around in the giant 100,000 liter pool.

The weather was nice on Saturday and Sunday, and those who came also had the chance to shop and enjoy the activities and attractions.

The trainers and clubs running the take-out activities worked tirelessly, with some seeing more than 200 dogs a day passing through their individual areas.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds enjoyed a range of fun activities.

Elaine Hill led an entertaining demonstration of duck keeping and other attractions which proved popular including the Birds of Prey at Walworth Castle and the Hounds at Kipperridge.

Festival directors Rebecca Ashworth Earle and Dawn Oliver Doyle said: “We knew it would be difficult to do better last year, but our team pulled it off.

“There were more traders, more take-out, more dog show classes, more shows, pretty much more of everything.

“The number of visitors has increased and the support and feedback has been brilliant, and it was fantastic to see visitors walk away with rosettes, prizes, bags and shopping bags.

“This event is a real team effort and we are extremely grateful to those who have supported us this year.

“Planning for 2023 begins next week after a few brief days of rest.”

The Wellness Marquee featured new speakers and was packed for both days – with visitors able to listen to topics on everything from blood donor dogs to how best to build trust in reactive dogs, to chiropractic and massage therapy for dogs.

New for 2022 included the Breed Encounter Zone, an area for similar dog breeds to get together.