Porcelain Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, and Facts

If you are considering adopting a Porcelain, you may be wondering if the breed will be right for your family situation. The good news is that Chinas have a reputation for being excellent family dogs and they generally do well in a household that includes children.

Around the humans in their lives, Porcelain will appear gentle and social. It is a dog that needs a high degree of companionship.

Balancing the affectionate side of the breed, he is also a very active dog. The breed’s hunting roots mean you’ll need to be able to provide both the time and space for their outdoor exercise needs. If you are a family that loves hiking or jogging a lot, you will find that your Porcelain will always want to accompany you on the adventure.

Naturally, Porcelain is not suitable for someone living in an apartment. You will want to be able to provide a safely fenced yard for the dog to play in.

Finally, be aware that Porcelain has an independent streak, so you will need to be adept at dog training.

Adopting a Porcelain involves a great commitment to training and caring for the dog, but a successfully socialized dog will grow into an exceptionally affectionate and social member of your family.