Rare dog seeks new home after dumped in old factory

Two-year-old Zoe is looking for a new home in the UK after being rescued from an old factory in Hungary – she is currently living with a foster family in Lincolnshire

Zoe is looking for a new home

Neglected, malnourished and terrified of human contact, this poor pooch was subjected to the worst of humanity.

Zoe, a Komondor cross, was found abandoned in an old factory in Hungary with four other dogs, one of whom was sadly dead.

After arriving in the UK in July last year, the rare breed was completely shorn due to its coat being in such terrible condition.

The Kennel Club recognizes Komondors, otherwise known as mop dogs, as a fairly rare breed.

They can be easily recognized by their mop-like coat which was developed to protect them from the extreme weather in Hungary.

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Zoe was found in an old factory in Hungary


Blind Dog Rescue UK)

She must have had her coat completely sheared off


Blind Dog Rescue UK)

Zoe, who is now completely blind, is currently in foster care in Lincolnshire but can be accommodated anywhere in the UK through Huns Dogs for Rehoming.

A statement, shared on Blind Dog Rescue UK, read: “Zoe is a sensitive girl who can be shy around visitors who come to her home, but is fine once she gets used to it.

“She tends to be more wary of men and children, so she needs an adult-only home.

“She is an extremely sweet dog with a gentle nature.

“Zoe gets along well with other dogs, loves to play and wants to befriend them.

“She is clean, walks well on a leash and moves well in the back seat of the car.

Zoe has been described as a “sensitive girl”


Blind Dog Rescue UK)

“It can be left for a few hours without any problem.

“His hair needs regular brushing and grooming.

The two-year-old needs an understanding owner who can show her that not everyone wants to hurt her.

Sadly, she was dismissed by her first UK owner after spending 10 months in their home.

The statement adds: “Recently at her current home, Zoe bit the owner when they wanted to put the collar on and also had an incident with a small dog on a walk.

“However, Zoe has never shown aggression before and this is completely irrelevant and only shows that Zoe is in an extremely anxious state.

“Her high level of anxiety is probably due to the following facts: she was recently abandoned by her owner who had her for 10 months.

“Her current home has construction work in front of them Monday to Friday and Zoe is terrified of the noise which has escalated to such an extent that she refuses to go out for a walk.

“Furthermore, his eyesight has deteriorated significantly over the past four weeks.

“The mix of having to adjust to a new house and the building work she’s afraid of and the confusion of going blind is causing her constant stress and she’s really struggling right now.”

Zoe needs time to settle into her new home – and will quickly turn into a mischievous pup when she realizes she’s in good hands.

“She is a relatively large and playful young dog, so she needs a fit owner who is able to handle her when she pulls on the leash,” the statement added.

“She needs a calm and peaceful environment as opposed to hectic city life.”

If you would like to host Zoe, email Hun Dogs for Rehoming via [email protected]

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