Rescue a dog: Mechanic saves dog zipped in backpack and thrown in dumpster

Mechanics are used to listening to strange noises coming from cars. Fortunately, those listening skills came in handy when RJ, a mechanic at a Midas auto shop in Minnesota, heard an unusual sound coming from the store’s dumpster.

At first, RJ thought the sound might be that of a raccoon. He turned out to be an abandoned dog, zipped into a warm backpack and thrown into the dumpster.

RJ rescued the pooch and brought him home. He named the dog Midas and ensures that he will never be abused or abandoned again.

Save Midas from the dumpster

When RJ first heard a noise coming from the empty dumpster, it sounded like banging. He thought it would be a raccoon, but when he checked he found the noise was coming from a backpack – and it was moving.

RJ told FOX9 KSMP, “I opened it, and the dog literally slowly lifted his head and looked up, and I didn’t even know what to say. I almost started crying there.

The mechanic noted that it was lucky the dog was dumped right after the garbage collectors emptied the bin. If he had been in the dumpster earlier, things could have been much worse.

For RJ, it was love at first sight. He claimed the dog as his own and said: “Of course I have to give a name when you take him to the vet, and so I thought, if anything, he would be my little one. Midas trash panda.”

He notes that if by any chance Midas was stolen and humans are looking for him, he will return the pooch. Otherwise, he has a house with the mechanic who saved his life.

Never abandon a dog

(Photo credit: M. Suhail/Getty Images)

It probably goes without saying if you are a dog lover reading this article. Most of us would never think of giving up or giving up our dogs.

However, there are certain circumstances where people have no options. If you find you need to give up on your dog, do one last act of kindness and make sure he can find a safe home.

In a Facebook post, the Shakopee Police Department responding to Midas’ call said, “While this story had a happy ending, it could have turned out very differently.”

They advise that if you must “return an animal, we encourage you to do so humanely. With social media and the internet at your fingertips, there are plenty of options for finding someone willing to foster your pet.

DogTime also has a full guide on how to troubleshoot before bringing your dog back to the shelter here.

Are you happy to see Midas going home with the mechanic who saved him? Have you ever met an abandoned dog? Let us know in the comments below!