Rescue Dog Nominated for Bravery Award

(Photo credit: Olena Ruban / Getty Images)

Sometimes dogs go the extra mile to help us, and it’s only right that we reward our pooches in return. And a lifesaving Yorkshire Terrier mix has been nominated for the Amplifon Awards for Brave Brits 2022 for his role in helping his dog father.

Rescue dog Chewie made it to the final four in the Hero Pet category. Along with pet parents Loretta and Ray Whiteley, the life-saving dog will attend the virtual awards show next month.

Watch over his soul mate

The brave pup saved Ray’s life. He jumped on his chest after his dog father collapsed from cardiac arrest, then alerted Loretta. She said Chewie, named after the Star Wars character, is still looking for Ray.

“It’s like he’s his soul mate,” she explained, “That day Ray was in his chair watching TV.”

She continued, “I heard Chewie barking and it got more and more frantic. I walked through the door and there was this surreal moment of seeing this tiny little dog jump up and down on my husband’s chest and give him kisses. I dragged him to the floor and started CPR.

“Any time Chewie wouldn’t leave him, he was trying to jump on his chest as if to say, ‘Come on daddy, you can do this, you can do this!'” she continued, “Without Chewie , I wouldn’t have Ray”.

A local canine star

This is not the first time this talented Chewie also made local headlines. Three years ago, the pup triumphed over more than 90 other dogs to star in a marketing campaign for home-builder Lovell Homes.

Chewie was first found as an abandoned puppy in a plastic bag with his siblings. But, after Loretta saw a photo of him on Facebook, she and Ray gave him a forever home.

Since living with the Whiteleys, who also breed Dobermans, Chewie has helped raise money for area charities and won second place in the Best Rescue category at the Scruffts Heats – a nation-wide competition. of the UK for mixed breed puppies.