Rescue Me: Jonnie the dog loves people, pets and swimming pools

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Jonnie, a 7-year-old dog, is available for adoption through the Fredericksburg SPCA. He is friendly, full of love and ready to have his own home.

Jonnie has been at the Fredericksburg SPCA in the past, and he was returned to the shelter through no fault of his own.

“Jonnie loves the 3 P’s: people, pets and POOLS! He’s a goofy boy with an endless list of great personality traits,” said the Fredericksburg SPCA. “He has done well with other dogs with a good introduction and is a rock star in our playgroups.”

SPCA staff noted that Jonnie has unique characteristics. For example, he snorts when he runs because “he’s a little bloated,” according to the SPCA.

“He snorts like a pig when he runs,” the SPCA said. “We’re working to help him lose weight, but in the meantime we can’t help but love his little noises.”

Jonnie is already cashier and house trained, and knows a range of tricks. He already masters “sitting”, “lying” and “shaking”.

“Jonnie has great energy and will keep you motivated during a walk, but is also extraordinarily happy to snuggle up next to you on the couch,” the Fredericksburg SPCA said. “This boy exudes so much love – there will be no lonely hearts in his presence!”

Photo courtesy of the Fredericksburg SPCA.

More information about Johnnie and other adoptable cats and dogs is available on the Fredericksburg SPCA website.