Rescue owner explains how to identify if a dog is aggressive

McDUFFIE COUNTY, Georgia (WJBF) – The incident involving a 7-month-old child being attacked by an American Bulldog and a Great Pyrenees mix has sparked discussions about what might make a dog aggressive and how to identify these characteristics.

“A child should never be around an aggressive dog,” Nancy Kay said.

Nancy Kay is the owner of Southern Souls pet rescue says it’s important people know the signs of an aggressive dog.

She says, “Can you take a toy away from them, can you have other people come in, have other people sit between you and the dog, does that dog show any aggression. Does this dog jump over another person to come back to you. Do you have a boyfriend or spouse that the dog is trying to put between the two of you. All of this is a good indication of how this dog will behave with another child.

She says there has been a misconception about the Great Pyrenees. A lot of people think they’re naturally aggressive, but she says that’s not the case.

“They are the sweetest, kindest dogs around. They are not attack dogs that just want to attack people. You have to worry about mixed race, where they come from to begin with,” Kay said.

Kay has been saving dogs for 11 years now. She says sometimes dogs can get aggressive when they have some kind of neurological problem like a brain tumor.

“She says, What you often see in these animals, which is never reported, is that they have a medical problem. You will see that a lot of these animals are not up to date with their shots, they haven’t been taken to the vet in a while, their older dogs have brain tumors or they have something neurological in their spine that no one has diagnosed.

Kay says that’s why it’s important that your dogs get regular veterinary checkups.

“If you’re going to have dogs with kids, get vet care every six months, always know your pet’s breed, know your pet’s background and where it’s from,” she said. declared.

She also says that if you are looking to adopt a pet, especially from a rescue, always go to a reputable rescue and they will have tested the dog’s temperament and they can tell you if that dog is aggressive.