Rescue seeks justice in violent kidnapping and murder of shelter dog

Horrifying security footage has gone viral after someone burst into a dog rescue and aggressively dragged a dog out of its crate. The suspect left the building with the dog, despite the screams of all the dogs in the room.

Shortly after the break-in, the stolen dog was found in critical condition on the side of the highway. Unfortunately, she did not survive long enough to receive treatment. The suspect was nowhere to be found, but they won’t get away with it that easily. Dog lovers have raised $17,000 in rewards to ensure this pup gets justice.


Theft leads to the death of the dog

One night, security footage from the Paw Works Camarillo facility captured a thief breaking into a room with dozens of dogs in crates. In the video, a person wearing a hoodie walked around the room and shone a flashlight at several dogs. At one point they stopped to try and pull a dog out of their crate, but the dog fought back and tried to bite the person.

So the suspect gave up and moved on to another dog: a 2-year-old sheepdog mix named Pretty Girl. Pretty Girl also resisted, but the suspect aggressively pulled her out of her crate and punched her multiple times. Then he left the establishment with the stolen dog.

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Paramedics searched for Pretty Girl for several hours and a Good Samaritan found her injured on the side of the highway. They rushed her to Paw Works Veterinary Hospital, but she died soon after.

Stolen dog found on the highway

“We think she was fighting for her life, she is not a dog that takes strangers easily. She is a very loyal dog and if you saw in this video she was fighting him and he was hitting her,” wrote Paw Works on Instagram.

Find the cute girl killer

When the stranger found Pretty Girl, the pup had back, neck, and head trauma. She also had bruising and bleeding in her abdomen and swelling around her rectum. Rescue personnel believe she either jumped out of a moving car or was pushed after continuing to fight back. But unfortunately, there is still no information on the suspect.

Thanks to the community, Paw Works was able to offer a $12,000 reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) added $5,000 to the reward to bring it up to $17,000.

Stolen rescue dog dies

“This vulnerable dog needed someone to love and care for her, but instead someone stole her, abused her and left her for dead,” said Colleen O’Brien, vice -senior president of PETA. “PETA urges anyone with information to come forward so their killer can be prevented from harming anyone else.”

Anyone with information about the suspect should call or text (805) 799-3937. For other ways to help, consider donating to Paw Works to help them support more dogs.

Watch the heartbreaking security footage here:

Featured Image: Facebook