Save a Dog: Neglected Pit Bull at Indiana Shelter Finally Comes Home Forever

A neglected dog at an Indiana animal shelter has finally found his forever home.

Rocky, a six-year-old Pit Bull mix, went viral after his local humane society posted a video on Facebook in which he anxiously watches from his bedroom as several potential adopters pass him by.

Unfortunately, Rocky’s story is familiar for his race.

Rocky’s Story

In the video above, which was posted to the Humane Society for Hamilton County Facebook page, Rocky wags his tail excitedly in hopes of getting love from passing humans.

The post, which garnered 67,000 reactions on the site, explains that Rocky has been a resident of the shelter for about a year. Even after the reaction to the video, Rocky still hasn’t found his forever home.

In a Facebook post released two months after the original video, the shelter announced that a family had adopted Rocky. Take a look at Rocky’s sweet face above.

Why Are Pit Bull Mixes Neglected In Shelters?

(Photo credit: Leticia Rose/Getty Images)

There is a wealth of misinformation about Pit Bull Terriers that unfortunately results in negative stereotypes about the breed. Because the breed most commonly used in illegal dog fighting are Pit Bulls, their vicious reputation precedes them.

Additionally, dogs exposed to dog fighting often need more attention to adjust to a new home. This can present a challenge for potential adopters.

While Pit Bull parents know that these dogs are perhaps the most cuddly dogs, those who have never had the pleasure of having one of these precious puppies may be scared.

This misinformation that stirs up unwarranted fear is one of the main reasons why overpopulation of Pit Bulls in shelters is a problem. They sometimes need a little more love than some other types of dogs, but they deserve it all the same.

Are you happy to see that Rocky has finally found his forever home? Do you have a Pit Bull that you adopted from a shelter? Tell us more about them in the comments below!